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Since this is going to be an open author universe once the irst story is complete, discuss ideas for your own episode or contribution to the universe here.

3026089 *Raises hand* In the episode list, there's a 'Boast to the Most' episode listed. How... 'standard' is that to the Boast Busters formula? because I've had an idea or two about a Boast Busters redo. I wanted to do it for the Cadanceverse but GrassAndClouds2 had another idea.

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3029031 PM me your idea. If it sounds better than what I had in mind (which I'll admit is very, very close to mane canon) I'll gladly turn the slot over to you!

Perhaps an episode where Sweetie is having a fight with Lyra and she's struggling to find a balance between kindness and tough love?

how about an episode in which Twilight has to take over the schoolhouse for Cherilee, for some reason?

A trait that is prominent in Sunset Shimmer is her wanting a family, and her ideal idea of an family (Like telling Twilight not to get mad at Shining Armor due to her as "family shouldn't fight!"). Applejack also values family highly (Which I don't think has been changed from her canon self), and her family are a part of her identity.
This is less an episode idea but more of a character interaction as Sunset might need to deal with possible Jealousy over what Applejack has, guilt from feeling any jealousy at all towards Applejack, or something else.
It just seems like something that should be addressed in their dynamic when both are around Applejack's Family

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3941512 Oooh, that sounds very interesting! If you want to write that story, I'd be glad to make it cannon!

3941874 Sounds a little hard to get a full story out of it.

3942156 Approved. I so want to read this.

Is this brainstorming for just the first season or the Sunsetverse in general?

Because I wondered if I could give an idea on how to put a spin on Discord.

"He has all the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire."-Churchill.

Instead of inverting the elements, crank them up so they go around and become vices. Honesty becomes tactlessness, Loyalty becomes fanaticism, Laughter becomes indifference, etc.

I'm currently writing a story about Sunset and Rainbow for the Sunsetverse, but an idea I had for another story in the future is a poison joke episode. In the original, they got cursed and immediately went after Zecora to fix the issue. In the sunsetverse, the mane 6 at least, harbor no more distrust for her (or at least the majority of the group does) so they wouldn't automatically assume she did it and end up cured straight away.

My idea was that the group suffer through a day or so of their screwed curses (Rainbow, Applejack and Twilight would be the same, but Sunset, Masquerade and Sweetie would be new).

I figure Sunset's curse would be her inner voices taking over while she becomes the subconscious, Sweetie unable to stay calm in the face of craziness (she deals with Lyra constantly and seems pretty straight faced to most things, so this time she ends up going nuts at everything) and Masquerade becomes dull and loses all drama in her attitude. The group takes a day or so screwing up all trying to do their jobs while Twilight and Sunset look for a cure, only for evil subconscious sunset to keep screwing everything up intentionally.

It needs some work before it becomes a full story, but the idea is there.

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3972936 I'll consider it...actually that could be a lot of fun.

4012142 It's a good basic idea. Sweetie's curse seems a But sabotaging evil Sunset would be awesome.

Hey there. I wish I could help out, but I don't have the time and energy to do much writing. The most I can contribute is ideas. Here's three possible ones:

1. Lyra and Twilight work together to investigate Pinkie Pie and how she does the stuff she can. Sunset half-reluctantly agrees to help them out in their investigation. Half of this agreement is because she is at least trying to help Twilight and Lyra keep at least one hoof in reality. The other half is because, well, even though she is reluctant to admit it, she is rather curious about Pinkie's abilities too.

2. Masquerade and several members of her troupe are assigned to star in the annual "Hearth's Warming" play, with the rest of the Sunset Six attending the play alongside family and/or friends.

3. Sunset catches a griffon bullying a few innocent ponies and catches her; only to find out this griffon is an old friend of Rainbow Dash's. Since this griffon is an old friend of one of her friends AND she acknowledges she, herself, used to be an even worse bully than this griffon, Sunset then tries to help rehabilitate this griffon. However, in addition to the griffon's stubborn attitude, Sunset also encounters trouble in the form of fighting the temptation to backslide into old bad habits.

Admittedly, most of you could probably think of better, but I still had these in my head too long. I apologize for wasting the time of all of you.

Hello, I have an idea for an episode if anyone is interested. It's based on scrapped episode from Lauren Faust herself.

Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Sunset encountering a deer family in remote valley, and a pony living among them. This pony who was being raised by deer would have had branches tied to his head because he was abandoned as a foal. AJ and RD argue over whether to tell him the truth! Dash (who would have wanted to reveal the truth) and Applejack (who would have wanted to leave well enough alone). And Sunset, seeing both sides of the argument is unsure of what to do.

4952335 That sounds good. But I think you mean "colt", not "filly" (since this is a MALE pony).

5024966 Oops, my bad.

4046415 Actually, here is another possible idea for Sweetie Drops's Poison Joke effect; she starts hallucinating (her eyes, ears and mind ALL playing tricks on her, making her see and hear things that are not there). And, as a possible "Slice of Life" Mythology Gag, Sweetie Drops's hallucination can greatly resemble a cross between a vintage mid-to-late 60s spy movie and an episode of "the Crocodile Hunter")

And here is another possible "Poison Joke" effect for Masquerade; she gains the abilities to read minds and see the future (a Mythology Gag concerning the effects of two of the G1 "Magic Horseshoes"), but with absolutely NO control over those abilities.

5024970 Perfectly all right.

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4952335 Deer tribe lives right in the Whitetail Woods and has regular contact with the ponies. While it could theoretically work, the actual issue is that it's a pony being raised by deer and as such he can't use deer magic or the like and doesn't know pony culture. Also, Dash is very tolerant and culturally open, but switching her and AJ on the issue should work (see Over a Barrel).

5024980 Sweetie Drops sure, especially if the others have to run herd on her to keep her from hurting herself or others because she's hallucinating, but I don't really get the "joke" with Masquerade. It's a nice mythology gag, but other than that I don't see anything funny.

5025058 But as I said, this would have taken place in a remote valley, far from any pony village. Though I do see your point.

5025058 Yeah. You got a good point concerning the latter mythology gag. But then, it was meant to be more ironic than actually funny per say. The irony, of course, would be the possession of abilities most ponies would gladly give both their front hooves for, but lacking the control to properly enjoy those abilities. Plus, there would be the fact it take ALL of Mask's willpower just to keep her sanity when she can't get within twenty feet of any other sentient without all the inner thoughts of said sentients flooding into her head and her brain stuck several seconds ahead of the rest of the world.

And, yeah, this one is basically an alternate Season 3 finale: Working together, Sunset and Twilight pretty much manage to research Starswirl's unfinished spell and figure out how to get it right on the first try (by this point, Twilight and Sunset [in this universe, at least] have FINALLY gotten Genre Savvy enough to, say, not verbally read an UNFINISHED spell, even in a whisper). The modified spell ends up granting, not just them, but all four of their closest friends, the magic of one of the other tribes in addition to the magic they already had:

Twilight and Applejack both gain Pegasus magic in addition to their pre-existing respective unicorn and Earth pony magic

Sunset and Rainbow Dash both gain Earth Pony magic in addition to their respective pre-existing unicorn and Pegasus magic

Sweetie Drops and Masquerade both gain unicorn magic in addition to their respective pre-existing Earth pony and Pegasus magic

Much of the remainder of the episode (as well as a significant portion of the alternate season four) would involve them getting used to their - upgrades. However, none of them ascend to FULL alicorn status (i.e. the combined magic of ALL THREE tribes) until the group defeats Tirek in the Season FOUR finale (which is when ALL of them do).

Of course, I can completely understand if you DON'T like the idea (which is pretty far in this series' future anyway, so that gives plenty of time for thought).

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5025071 Okay, working with a more remote group would work a lot better. Idea basically approved.

5025209 That...still doesn't really work for Mask.

I already have assention plans in place.

5025335 Really? Thanks:pinkiehappy:

5025335 Okay. Understood.

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5025345 Send me a link once you've got the story up.

5026231 Oh wait, I thought you were going to write the story.

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5026588 It's a shared universe, anyone can write for it. If you don't want to, you can put your idea up for adoption.

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