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To me it means family, how a group of like minded people can come together and have fun, disagreements happen but it's all part of being a family. Going out of your way to make sure your friends are happy. And that no matter what family comes first.

So what does Fairy Tail mean to you?
Simple question really.

2992711 I see fairy tales as stories of growth, of life a lesson or of life lessons. It may be a hard journey, perhaps even giving to protagonist a hard enough time to earn the story a Sad tag, but there should be a happy ending.

2992711 I thought this group was about stories (fairy tails) in general. I like reading and writing stories, so I joined. But now I'm starting to suspect that Fairy Tail is some kind of a show that I haven't heard of before and this is a fan group of that show. I also don't understand your question.

I feel very confused and out of place right now. I'm not sure if I belong here.

2992879 Anime. Its an anime.

Fairy Tail to me...is a unity of forces all combined to achieve what is right in for the world, If you don't mind blatant plagiarizing of the musical/movie Camelot, it's "might for right"

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