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Silver Spanner FanFic Contest!

Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! I am very excited to announce a new fanfiction contest that I’ll be running on my blog. What will this contest be about? The greatest background pony of all time!

Silver Spanner!

Yes! I want some more Silver Spanner fics! So hungry am I to satiate my cravings, I went ahead and secured some sweet prizes to act as incentive for those of you uninitated in the Church of Spanner. What are those prizes? Steam games! I tried to pick games that (my headcanon) of Silver would be interested in. Two, in fact:

FIRST PRIZE: Neon Chrome (PC)

SECOND PRIZE: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault Online (Basic “Recruit” Early Access Pack; PC)

From now until MAY 31st, I will be accepting submissions for the contest.

The Rules:

1. Minimum length is 2k words. I know the site allows for 1k fics, but honestly, I’m not interested in anything that short. (On the flipside, there is no maximum!)

2. Multi-chapter fics are allowed, but they must be complete!

3. The main character has to be Silver Spanner.

4. The following genres and formats will NOT be accepted: Random, Dark, 2nd Person, HiE, Anthro, Crossover, Horror, Human, Equestria Girls, Tragedy, and Sad.

5. No Mature stories (though sex and gore are okay under Teen so long as they aren’t crazy)

6. The story must have been published no earlier than May 1st (today.) If you posted a Silver Spanner fic already, chances are I’ve already read it. I want new fics!

7. If you’re feeling industrious, I’ll allow for each person to submit up to 2 entries. No more than that.

How to Submit: Just PM me the link of your story. If it meets the contest guidelines, I'll post a link to it with its summary and cover art on my blog. This will be how I keep track of valid entries. (And it's a teeny bit of extra promotion for you!) I'm trying to avoid the potential headache of managing a group.

All submissions will be announced through my blog as they come. (So yes, they need to be published before I can consider them.) I highly recommend adding them to the Silver Spanner group folders as well!

NOTE: This is an independent contest! Please don’t bug the admins of the Silver group!

After the 31st, I’ll go through the submissions as quick as I can and announce the winners on my blog.

In order to receive your prize, you MUST have an active Steam account. I’ll contact the winners on FimFiction, and we’ll organize a Steam trade. My account on steam is cajeck. As proof of my having the goods, you can see the prizes sitting pretty in my inventory, waiting to be gifted!

Following me and/or joining the Silver Spanner group will not improve your odds of winning this contest.

What will improve your odds?

--Making sure your fic has little to no spelling, grammar, and/or formatting issues.

--Appealing to my headcanon of Silver Spanner.

--Appealing to my personal tastes. (Which pretty much anyone can gather with a perusal of my profile and blog)

--But above all...being really creative!

Let the fun begin!

I'd enter, but right now I'm swamped with work on other fics. If it makes you feel any better, I am working on something with the background pony Written Script as a major character.


Sounds interesting! :pinkiesmile:

5216212 Glad you think so. Probably won't be out for a while though, not until I finish with Shattered Mirror or Once a Time Lord, whichever comes first. I do have two other stories featuring him though, if you want to look. They're on my profile page.

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