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Baal Bunny
Group Contributor

For folks who haven't:

Visited the Writeoff site lately, Roger's instituted a new system whereby folks can put together their own contests. Anyone can start a group by going to the appropriate page, and once a group gets 15 members signed up, they can start organizing events.

Now, I didn't organize the Poetry group, but I was happy to sign up for it. And since the notifications for these new events are still a little wonky--you have to "opt in" for them in the "Preferences" section under your user name when you're logged into the site--I wanted to let folks know that the first Writeoff poetry contest appears to be happening this week.

I'm guessing from the schedule that prompt submission will be tomorrow, Mon, Sept. 30th with prompt voting on Tues. Oct. 1st and the actual poetry writing--"50 to 1000 words," the site says--during the 24 hours of Wed. Oct. 2nd. If I've got that wrong, someone computer literate please let me know. :twilightsmile:


Nope! You said it perfectly.

Thanks for promoting the group. It means a lot. 🧡

Super Trampoline
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Thank you for letting us know!

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