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Thanks in advance

I'd actually like to know that myself.


...y'all are kidding, right?

1912392 Nope.
I have no idea.


It's a curated group. You don't apply. You write something good and wait to get noticed.

1912400 Ok.
...I'm just going to wait until I get popular....

1912400 I wrote a fic that got featured... :duck:

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I appreciate you guys asking, because this is a great question to include in our site FAQ.

1912400 is correct. The selection process is based on a group decision between the five of us. Stories are nominated based on merit; we don't accept submissions. The five of us read (and in some cases, review) a wide variety of stories across all genres.

I will note that three of the RCL curators are Equestria Daily prereaders — so while an EqD feature is absolutely NOT a requirement for RCL candidacy, it certainly doesn't hurt your odds of getting noticed. (Eight of our first ten stories have also been featured on EqD.) We want stories at/above that level of quality, even if you disagree with EqD's style preferences or story choices.



so basically if you're not one of the top 10 or so writers on the site, you're never getting onto the page. great.

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It's the same way I ran the Vault, though with the RCL you have five sets of eyes on ponyficdom, not one, so I would assume any given author's chances of getting noticed are greater.

I did also have a policy where I would accept suggestions from readers -- "Hey, I read this fic and thought it was great, you should check it out!" -- but not from authors themselves; perhaps the RCL will adopt something similar.

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Well, there are two answers to that.

Yes, when our goal is to feature the best of the best of ponyfiction, we have to be awfully selective. We're only featuring one story per week.

That having been said, here's the number of followers of the first 10 featurees (and these are representative; we're picking stories from other authors the same way we picked these):

Skywriter - 1718
Blueshift - 1584
TheBrianJ - 465
TwilightSnarkle - 395
NTSTS - 388
Estee - 290
Kegisak - 270
Cloud Wander - 244
Norsepony - 207
Bob From Bottles - 83

Seven of the first 10 authors we'll be featuring are lesser known than you are, so I hope it shows that we're not cherry-picking the big names. It's absolutely not a popularity contest.



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I did also have a policy where I would accept suggestions from readers -- "Hey, I read this fic and thought it was great, you should check it out!" -- but not from authors themselves

Thanks for the reminder. :twilightsmile: That seemed to work well for you, and I know that (for example) Seattle's Angels also has an identical policy. It's worth consideration. I'll run it past the others.

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It's almost like you guys know what you're doing! :rainbowwild:

1912829 so feature fics have a higher chance of being posted?

I'm writing a fic that got featured once :duck:

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As an update, after some discussion we have revised this policy to be more in line with how RBDash47 ran the Vault. Please see the FAQ thread and the Story Recommendation Thread that I just posted (and stickied) to the forum. :twilightsmile:

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