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Chapter 15

So a few important things happen...

1. Twilight draws a picture of something that might be our antagonist.
2. She leaves Fluttershy a picture she may or may not of taken.
3. She confesses her plan to Pinkie, who swears to silence.

Personally, I think she took the picture, and it will let Twilight do a pen-pal idea.

I also think that while Pinkie Pie means well, she will probably get caught... and so will Twilight as she trades letters, leading to a set back as... well, we haven't had any big set backs yet.

What do you guys think?

I can almost see the inevitable outcome of this. Drawing another patient into her "delusions" would be interpreted as a relapse and she'll either end up stuffed with drugs or locked in some sort of isolation. And poor Pinkie too.

It's almost painful to read it.

Showmare Trixie
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Do you think her new friends are liable to abandon her too?

You know what would be a real kicker?

"Hey Twilight, we are transferring Applejack to another hospital."

1506142 Owwww ow ow aaaagh! :twilightoops:

Very interesting... I still think the author is going to go the happy ending route but twilight might get caught passing notes and get locked away. 15 chapters and I still can't figure out what's next. Only thing that sucks is the 35 day waits between chapters :pinkiegasp:

Call me insane, but I almost want twilight to be crazy. I don't know, I just love the asylum universe. The whole time reading the chapter, I was hoping Rainbow didn't show up and kick twi's flank for scaring Fluttershy. The real tough nuts to crack are gonna be Applejack and Rarity.
Honestly I want to see Scootaloo in the psychiatric ward for thinking shes a chicken

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