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Here are some idea's I came up with as alternate endings for Ponyville Confidential. Which of these do you guys believe would be the best endings for when the CMC's decide to leave Ponyville for somewhere else, However their's a plot twist for these. Instead of returning home like in the movie idea's, they actually decided not to return home but to stay where they are for in the end they not only find the cutie marks but also new friends & families who can understand their struggles as well:

Would it be this movie:


Or this movie:

Inspiration wasn't just E.F.C.P. itself but also this upcoming movie in the works as well:

*Sees first 4 and orders an orbital bombardment for 1 hour*.

How about they meet Jenny.

Exactly for when you look at it, each has one thing in common. They all feel like outsiders in their own worlds. If they can succeed in finding places where they can fit in & be accepted for who they are, then I say it's a win-win.

Okay, you made your point.

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