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I have an idea for a story that i will probably never write. Here it is: Blueblood has regreted what he did at the Gala for every day since it happened, so he goes to Ponyville to make amends. But not for the reason you thenk. You see, he doesn't really care about Rarity. What he is there for is the mare who made the most delectible treat he had ever tasted. That's right, it's an AppleBlood ship. He secretly loved the fritters, but was concerned with appearances.

I have read a few Applejack x Blueblood fics. Unfortunately, one is a one shot and the other two haven't been work on in awhile. It's a shame too.

I just got done reading the story. I really liked it. Thanks for pointing me to it.:twilightsmile:

no problem.....its a pleasure...:pinkiecrazy:

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