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I've been debating for a bit on it but I wanna know if anyone else thinks I should add a clop fic folder?
When it comes to the few fics made where he has sex with somepony its against the other's will and sometimes ends with them dead which kinda defeats the purpose of what I made this group for.
If I just note in the folder that the clop fic should not end in death and traumatizing the other pony,do you think it would be good to make the folder? There have been actually non violent clops made with him lately,that's why I ask this.

In the end of the day most people just like what kind of no care....also i found a few blueblood fics from this guy here is his link
here it is.


Is there a sufficient demand for them? If there are enough stories to populate the folder, then by all means, do.

  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 3