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Fallout Equestria : Black And White - Philweasel

Peace between the NCR and Zebra wasteland becomes a battleground between competing factions.

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Acknowledgements, news, and general musings.

Thanks first of all, for everyone who’s stuck with me. All you reading, I can only hope you continue to enjoy what’s to come. I’m often asked why I don’t write something that I can publish, but for me writing has always been a chance to share the stories that roll around in my head, to share the things I’m passionate about. This is a story I’ve wanted to write for a long time, and I couldn’t be happier to see you enjoying it as much as I do.

So... wow. It’s always an awesome experience to start a new section of this story, because I dawns on me that I’m finally writing parts I’ve planned out for years. And as of this moment, we are approximately half way through. And these... these are the parts that the whole story turns on.

No pressure.

First of all, I’ve got some huge thank yous. I love all my fans, but some have gone beyond the call, and I’m eternally grateful to them.

You’ve likely seen this picture gracing the story. This is the work of Moonlitbrush, http://moonlitbrush.deviantart.com/ and was commissioned for me by Kexisoc, who thought Black and White needed its own image. Kexisoc you will know if you read the comments page, as the dude who regularly posts awesome and thought provoking analyses on pretty much every chapter I post, which have been influential enough that I really should be giving him a co-author role by now. Honestly, I would not have got this far if it wasn’t for him.

szamanx0 has been giving me proof reads of my work pretty much from the beginning, which have been very helpful come end of series clean up time and to catch my worst slip ups. God knows that while my writing has gotten better, word substitutions and crappy syntax still continue to plague me.

And I’m awful with names. I’m well aware that I simplified Demonivore’s name, just so I didn’t have to look it up every. single. time. I should really go and fix that...

VBA too has been a great resource in continuing this story, and his criticism certainly keep my wilder indulgences in check (which is likely my worst trait as a writer).

Regolit hasn’t posted in ages. This makes me sad, as he has a best CMC avatar and posted pretty much my favourite analysis so far “Oh, holy penis.. You add even more epic plot here. I am wondering how all this shit will end.”

Iago has posted just one comment, but it’s pretty much one of my favourites. Making this a sequel to the original, using the original’s characters and shaking up the universe was a HUGE risk, and really made me nervous for a long time. I hope everyone realises now why I’m doing it.

Ocean Mist might not post huge analysis that take up three pages, but any author will tell you that a simple ‘Good work’ does wonders to inspire you. Go and take a look at his own work, http://www.fimfiction.net/story/195899/fallout-equestria-long-shots. It’s good!

And... hell, everyone! You sixty eight people who dig me and fourteen who’ve taken the time to hate me, I love you all! Come friend me on facebook and take turns telling me I’m awesome. https://www.facebook.com/philip.preece.39?fref=photo

And now for part two. This is a collection of notes scrawled for myself, really as an exercise to inspire further thought and make the world seem more ‘real’. None of this is really spoilery, but it’s probably best read after you’ve reached the latest part in the story.

Hey, look, it's a map!
My directions are pretty freaking awful, so this might be very helpful.

Political Structure of the NCR

28 Councillors, elected by the area. Head up the government of their area (though most work is done by those they appoint) and represent it nationally. Vote in the High Council.
It contains 11 earth ponies, 7 Griffons, 7 unicorns, one zebra, one alicorn and one pegasus.

1 Arbiter, elected nationally. Directs, organises and chairs the debates in the High Council. Vague powers, doesn’t get a vote. Current Arbiter is Regina Grimfeathers.

Previous Arbiter’s have included:
Gawdyna Grimfeathers – Accepted founder of the NCR. The nature of her political beliefs is a controversial argument, several factions claim her as one of their own. Is best described as an enabler of the political ideals of others, famed for being efficient, organised and diplomatic. Very popular and increasingly mythologized.

Velvet Promises – Extremely controversial, a very opinionated small government, anti-military, consolidator politician, who pretty much defined and popularised all of those stances. Increased the GDP of the NCR several times over, designed and built much of New Canterlot and a well known patron of the arts. Detractors point out the corruption of her administration, her excessive focus on New Canterlot and Manehatten and her crippling of the NCR military. Assassinated at the beginning of her second term.

Olden Times – Formerly the councillor for New Canterlot, elected in a controversial snap election after he was credited with holding the NCR together following Velvet Promises’ assassination. Gained popularity for his genial, kindly manner and soft touch, controversial for what many saw as a lack of firm action on the corruption of the NCR government and Rangers. Served during the Second Screwball Conspiracy, and retired once his first term finished.

Flowing Script – A well known consultant famous for reorganising several dysfunctional Manehatten businesses, elected on the promise of reforming the NCR’s political system. General opinion is that he failed, adapting poorly to the different circumstances and finding himself politically isolated. Served during the Second War Against The Enclave, where his lack of leadership eroded what was left of his support.

Regina Grimfeathers – Elected on the promise of a well known hero and scion of Gawd to do what Flowing Script could not, Regina has established herself as a political moderate with a large government focus. Controversial within the political establishment and business elite for what many see as a bullying overstepping of her role combined with a vague and wishy washy political agenda, she is none the less popular among the common folk of the NCR.

1 Chancellor, appointed by Arbiter. Runs the general administration of the NCR. Doesn’t get a vote, and is directly answerable to the councillors. Current (and long term) chancellor is Life Bloom.

Chancellor runs the Civil Office:

1 Vice Chancellor, appointed by Chancellor. Helps run things while the Chancellor deals directly with the High Council.

Civil Office controls:

The Office of Science. Organises the sharing, ethics and funding of scientific research. Actual research is done by independent companies, most notably the Followers of the Apocalypse, Steel Rangers and Manehatten Industrial. Limited power, and often considered to be under the thumb of industry leaders. Also controls the Gardens of Equestria Society, commonly known as The Gardeners.

National Infrastructure. Runs power, water and all other large scale distribution networks. Large and powerful organisation.

Social Welfare. Deals with benefits and pensions, social issues, prison services. Very tied up with the Followers of the Apocalypse and Military. A political minefield, that’s claimed many directors.

Foreign Office. Organises and directs all dealings with foreign powers, ambassadorial missions, trade and sharing of research. Almost entirely set up to deal with the various factions within the former United Enclave, with other offices famously tending to be set up in broom cupboards.

Office of Agriculture. Deals heavily in pollution control and reversing the desertification of the wasteland. Arch rivals of the :-

Office of Industry. Controls all production with the NCR. Ironically enough, farming is more closely associated with this office. Often accused of being a club for helping the rich and powerful become even more so. Heavily associated with the Twilight Society.

The National Mint. A small office, heavily under the control of others. Deals with interest rates, coinage and securing the NCR’s reserves of precious metal.

Largely independent of government control is The Defense Council:

The Rangers. Includes both Applejack and Steel Rangers, which is mostly a vague difference now which only the Rangers themselves care about. Controls most special forces within the NCR, and runs much of the military R&D. Powerful, and very controversial. Currently run by High Elder Peach Trees.

The National Guard. The standard forces of the NCR. Largest faction, and of rather inconsistent quality, training and equipment. Not a great reputation and looked down upon by many in favour of the Rangers. Has informal command of the Talons, and includes a heavy griffon presence within the general rank and file. Currently run by General Brigandine.

The Talons. Mercenary company, entirely air capable and enjoying a very good reputation for effectiveness and honouring their agreements. Mostly consisting of Griffons, with a small Pegasi complement. Expensive and exclusive, but they have a standing contract with the NCR where they work at a very heavy discount.

Air Defense. Commands the NCR’s heavy air forces. Small group, but with an excellent reputation for their defeat of the Enclave on their own turf. Currently run by Admiral Swift Ender.

National Security. Commands the NCR’s police forces and secret services. Of varying quality, scandals and corruption are not uncommon but many elements within enjoy a very impressive reputation. Currently run by Commissioner Deadshot Calamity.

Overseeing both the Military and the High Council is the Low Council:

60 seats within the chamber, with 102 members at present (the chamber is very rarely forced to use standing room). Debate and consider the implications of laws and actions, and have the power to block legislation and pass it back to the original body for modification.
Includes industry leaders, and heads of the important factions. Notable members include:

Velvet Remedy. High elder of the Followers of the Apocalypse. One of the most powerful factions and one of the most powerful individuals in the NCR, but shies away from being too political. Mostly sides with the government line, though influence ensures that government legislation is often Follower friendly to begin with.
--: The Followers of the Apocalypse run hospitals, conduct research, take care of the poor, support the homeless and take care of infrastructure in outlying settlements, among other tasks. They receive a huge sum of government funds for these tasks, but maintain their operational independence.

Representative Shimmering Pearl : Representative of The Cathedral.
--: The Cathedral is the successor of the priesthood Red Eye set up to worship him after his ascension. They now follow his example by lobbying hard for education and focus on the children of the NCR, and also significant focus on Alicorn rights. They are also much more 'mystical' than the more practical Followers, with a lot of focus on theology and philosophy.

Fluttershy. Senior Ambassador, University Lecturer, Political Lobbyist and Elder of the Followers of the Apocalypse. Very active, controversial and outspoken, especially on civil rights issues.

Midnight Sceptre. High Elder of the Twilight Society. Strongly aligned with industry, a strong lobbyist against anything that restricts long term GDP growth.
--: The Twilight Society is a semi-organised collection of well connected 'elites', designed to allow them to share their viewpoints, talents and goals. It has generally moved away from magical research and towards a pro-business stance.

Ditzi Doo also has a seat, but has never turned up or voted.

Cities in the NCR

New Canterlot
Generally stereotyped as being full of art students, politicians, media personalities and other ponies of dubious value, but is overwhelmingly the cultural hub of the NCR. New Canterlot University is famed for its liberal arts courses. Has the largest Griffon population in the NCR.

The richest city in the NCR, rife with social inequality and a soaring crime rate but also boasting the headquarters of the most powerful groups in the NCR. Very famous for its financial centres, alongside its electronics and cybernetics industries. Manehatten University is considered the premier hub for business and engineering courses.

Widely mocked for being a hellhole riddled with corruption, unemployment, murder and illegal drugs, Fillydelphia is a industrial city on the decline as investors abandon it for safer, better run cities. Still, it is a well known source for dirt cheap labour, and remains the biggest exporter of manufactured goods.

Ironically still called that, showing that the Hellhounds do have a sense of humor. Gifted to them after the Day of Sunshine and Rainbows, it is overwhelmingly inhabited by their race and is generally unfriendly to outsiders. Much of its industry is self contained, though it is starting to gain attention for its art scene, and the magical energy weapons created here are highly sought after.

Spike’s Cave (The Garden)
No longer inhabited by Spike, due to the Gardens of Equestria sparking uncontrollable plant growth upon activation. Now homes a small group of ponies referred to as the Gardeners, who are considered extremely odd and rarely leave their assigned task of caring for the megaspell.

Salt Cube City
A large trading post on the Route 52 motorway towards the coast, Salt Cube City is a somewhat chaotic cultural hub which attracts a lot of younger ponies. Cheaper than Manehatten, a lot of smaller businesses make their home here. It’s also known for having the largest ghoul population in the NCR.

A small and exclusive settlement, with strict controls on new admissions. The centre of zebra and alicorn culture in the NCR, a major Followers facility and an extremely important biological research hub. The area around it is referred to as ‘The Angels’, and Gloom is the Councillor representing it.

New Appleloosa
To the displeasure of many long term residents, a tourist trap often straying into the wrong side of ‘tacky’. Also houses Ditzi Doo’s orphanage, which is not open to tourists.

Famous for its illegal industries, numerous attempts have been made to clean it up. Generally all this as done is convince the criminals to wear suits, and there is a formidable lack of will due to the simple fact that the city supplies a lot of influential ponies and has become a popular holiday destination for those looking for entertainment of the wilder sort.

Major Events During the NCR’s History :
Formerly founded 16 years ago, at the Friendship Accord in Manehatten. Offices established in Friendship City to begin with.

14 years ago : The First Screwball Conspiracy.
A shadowy group of cultists steal several of the Elements of Harmony, making an effort to acquire the rest. It soon becomes apparent that the cultists seek to corrupt the elements and resurrect Discord, and that their leader is Follower of Apocalypse member Sunny Smiles. The elements are eventually recovered and attuned to the new chosen ponies, though Sunny Smiles recovers them and uses them not to resurrect Discord but to make herself a goddess. She is turned on by her former acolytes and is eventually defeated.

10 years ago : Gawd comes to the end of her second term, choosing not to run again. Velvet Promises is elected. The palace at New Canterlot is commissioned.

7 years ago : Velvet Promises is assassinated.

6 years ago : The Second Screwball Conspiracy.
Several former cultists attempt once more to resurrect Discord, blaming Sunny Smiles for sabotaging the previous attempt. The Element bearers attempt to stop them, but during the final confrontation Xephyr and Xenith are swallowed up by a magical vortex, along with the Element of Magic.

5 years ago : A investigation into corruption within the military discovers that the 5th Battalion based in Chicacolt has in fact become a large organised crime ring. When the Rangers are sent to take them down the 5th retreat to a defensible position outside the city, the Rangers refusing to act due to poor odds. Major Shot Rider instead gains permission to gather volunteers, taking them across terrain generally accepted as impassable and infiltrating the enemy ranks. During the fighting the major is killed, but losses overall are minimal and the regular army is seen as comprehensively outperforming the Rangers. Shot Rider’s remaining volunteers are made the new 5th Battalion, and take the common nickname of the ‘Blood and Iron’.

4 years ago : The Second Enclave War.
The New Pegasus Alliance, the largest faction of the fractured Enclave, mounts a full invasion of the surface, capturing Tenpony Tower, occupying Manehatten and threatening to use Celestia One on New Canterlot unless the NCR surrenders. Terms are almost agreed when the Twilight Society helps several Rangers break into Tenpony Tower and destroy the generators, opening the tower up to an attack which destroys Celestia One. At the same time an armada led by Chief Engineer Swift Ender engages the core Enclave Fleet and wins a crushing victory at the Battle of Applejack Crest, forcing the Enclave into full retreat.

2 years ago : Regina is elected.

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