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Seventeen years have passed since the day of Sunshine and Rainbows, and the New Canterlot Republic is stronger than ever. But with success comes greed and ambition, the various factions within the Republic jostling for the right to decide the future of this new civilization. Now their ambitions drive them to gain control of one of the most ambitious projects yet faced by the NCR, a project two hundred years in the making... peace with the Zebra Empire.

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Interesting idea, is this set after the main story?

Very well done. Quite brave of you to directly follow up Fallout Equestria like you did, just because it requires a large amount of familiarity with FoE in order to properly pull off. You've done a very good job of it is I do say so myself. :twilightsmile:

I like this idea, and I want to see it finished through to the end. You have planned that far, haven't you? :trixieshiftleft:

Its interesting to see that you've started your character off at a high level, but it makes sense.

In any case, this is a very good FoE sidefic, and is canonically compatible with most other major sidefics (the exception being perhaps Starlight, I cant quite remember how long after FoE that one is) and I certainly recommend it a major sidefic.

Heres a few errors I picked up on:

"...drawing Ponies from all over the wasteland..."
Ponies doesn't really need to be capitalised.

"If it was Fluttershy would be here, perhaps even Violet Remedy..."
You seem to be missing a pronoun in this sentence, and I cant make heads or tails of it.

"...mission on behalf of the Followers of the Apocalypse.”
Brahmin shit. If it was..."
You are one enter short here. It should be:

"...mission on behalf of the Followers of the Apocalypse.”

Brahmin shit. If it was..."

That was all I found. Keep up the good work. There is going to be some of these :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: going around when I see this in my updated box.


17 years since Littlepip activated the Single Pegasus Project.

Oh wow. This looks like serious business. I'll be keeping an eye on this. If you haven't heard of it already, there's a Fallout: Equestria Side Stories Compilation Document here where you can post your story. Other authors of FO:E side stories hang out there, too. Come and introduce yourself, it's a great place to procrastinate discuss deep, worldly issues! :twilightsmile:

good chapter one of the good side fics I see looking towards the next :twilightsmile:

Thank you guys, I admit it was a little brave since I haven't read most of the sidefics (actually, I've only read Pink Eyes and the Original), bar a short browse to make sure I wasn't copying anyone's idea. I'll likely run into a continuity error eventually, but hopefully it won't be too major!

And thanks for the proof read Syrahl696, I'm a little dyslexic so little things always tend to sneak by even after lots of proof reading.
"...drawing Ponies from all over the wasteland..."
Bah, I was trying to avoid that. Capitalized species names make grammar cry :facehoof:
"If it was Fluttershy would be here, perhaps even Violet Remedy..."
He's pointing out that if it was a mission on behalf of the Followers, the actual leadership of the Followers would be here. I'll reword it.
"...mission on behalf of the Followers of the Apocalypse.”
Brahmin shit. If it was..."
Yeah, when I posted it from word to here it messed up the formatting. I had to go through and redo all the spaces. Knew I'd miss one.

And yes, I've got a overall plan of how the story progresses, though it will likely change to something far more interesting before the end. Second chapter's already well into production.

Just posting to tell everyone, next chapter will be up early next week. It's a big one, it sets up quite a bit of future plot and several important characters. I hope you like it.

In other news, I'm looking for pre-readers. Anyone want to volunteer, I'd be very grateful.

A bit long, but still good.

However, traits would have an upside as well as a downside, and they need to be balanced. A 40% chance to miss on killing blows is going to cripple your character. I would say 15% chance to miss on killing blows, no effect on standard hits, and extra dialogue options that tend to increase karma would be a better way to have this..
Additionally, traits are usually set at the start of the story, instead of part-way through. But this one can be overlooked.

It is crippling, honestly Star Swirl wouldn't last two seconds on her own. I guess you can call it paid for by her racial template, which is absurdly unbalanced by this stories' mechanics (massive boosts to stats, special perks, and four pretty killer racial abilities).

And you only see the characters abilities when it's their chapter. This is the first with Star Swirl. Technically Zenai also has the "Sex Appeal" and "Small Frame" traits, but they're boring, self evident and fairly irrelevant to the story, which is why I didn't mention them :raritywink:

And no one trying to build the uber character chooses Child at Heart. Trust Star Swirl to choose one of the most useless perks in fallout lore...

Thank you for reading. I’m certainly enjoying writing this, so I’m glad you’re enjoying reading it.

Felt this chapter was a little slow and exposition heavy, lots of characters to introduce and I’m pretty sure this fic now has the longest ‘Time from start to fight scene’ of any FoE side fic so far. I’m still working out exactly how the next few chapters are ordered, but hopefully things should start getting more exiting now.

On the other hand, I really like how everyone has come across. I still enjoy writing Star Swirl and Zenai, flawed individuals as they are, and Dust’s seen it all cynicism bounces off them nicely. Caesar too is nice and ambiguous, and I could just feel the oil running off me writing Chigaru, along with the desire to beat him to death with a stick.

And goodbye Ice Break and Loose Trigger. I liked the two of you way too much for incidental characters!

I'm not sure I'm going to keep reading this. The chapter is rather long and due to the wait I've forgotten who the characters are and who I'm supposed to be rooting for. Add to that the fact that you are messing up the SPP and by extension Littlepip, and, well...

I'm going to unmark all the chapters as read, remove the favorite, and stick it in my read later list. When I feel like it and I have a few hours to kill I'll reread it all in one go.

So sorry about this, but it just wasn't working.

I’m sorry for the length and amount of characters, I should have warned from the beginning that this is kinda based on Game of Thrones. I realize there’s a lot to take in, and I will give reminders for groups and individuals that are important in any given arc. These early chapters need me to draw out the political situation, so what’s going on later doesn’t look like it’s come out of nowhere.

And yes, bringing Littlepip into it, (and killing off Gawd, one of my favorite characters, in the backstory!) wasn’t something I did lightly. Both I feel are important to the characterization of the NCR, of a place where the struggles and heroism that brought it together are starting to be forgotten. The thought that anypony would even think of interfering with the SPP or Littlepip is meant to feel a little blasphemous.

Oh, and a big note. Don’t trust anything a character says about another character, especially if they don’t know them personally. One big part of shifting between characters is contrasting their perception of the situation, and all of them are very much at the mercy of their own personal biases.

Chapter up later today, just on final proofread now.

Any camel I make is dedicated to the extremely awesome Prince Khufu from Flight of the Alicorn (read it!).

Hey people, new chapter (which I'm very pleased with) and I also wanted to note that I'm now a chapter ahead. Since I've now got a buffer, you can expect a new one every two weeks on Saturday. Next chapter will be next week (as these two aren't long).

Thanks for reading peeps. I'm really enjoying writing this, and have plenty of good stuff planned :yay:

I'm glad you like her, she's fun to write for.

And see what I mean about being overpowered? Not only are her abilities obsenely powerful, they can be abused in so many cruel and broken ways. Unfortunately for them, Nazir did not have a boxcar handy.

This is balanced of course by her being socially oblivious, clumsy as all get out and naive to the point of willful ignorance...

Thank you for reading!

This story has caught my attention, good sir, because of that last sentence in your introduction: "Peace with the Zebra Empire." Writing a fic that explains the Zebra side of the war, I just so happened to find this interesting.

Heck, maybe if we collaborated, we could make our fics coincide. For you see, when my fic ends, the Zebra Empire will indeed be back in a... certain form. But the collaborating's just ambition, really just write what you want. I just came here to tell you that I might read this someday. Still, have a like and a fav.

This is what I get for forgetting about submitting this until the last minute, sorry about the very obvious errors towards the end. All fixed now, though I had to edit most of them from my iPhone, which is not built for editing large text documents. :raritydespair:

Regolit: Thank you. I hope there's many more surprises to come!

Delvius: Thank you for reading! If you're reading mine, the least I can do is read yours. I'll give you a post when I get a moment to sit back and peruse. :raritystarry:

1560338 As Marcus Kincaid from Borderlands 2 would say: "Thanks for the scratch!" :pinkiehappy:

It may not be Princess Luna. Well it may be the nasty part of her. Nightmare moon. greatly weakened. but still a menace.

Shout out for the new season! I LOVED the first episode. I've always had a thing for adventure stories, and it has a lot of things that tie nicely into the background of the story

3 things. First of all why is it that this story have flown under my radar? And even for so long? It looks interesting, but I think that all stories that take the zebra view are interesting so... I am properly returning in the near future with some comments, maybe even reviews of your stuff if there is time to that in my schedule, so many stories so little time

2nd thing, welcome to the Fo:E heard... And yes it did not count before now, since you was not in one of the Fo:E groups in here

3rd I can see that Melonhunter have told about the Fo:E G-doc but I can´t see you on it, would you like to be put in there is a bigger change for people sees your story? Beside that are it a good place to hang out if you want to bounce ideas or talk about Fo:E in general :pinkiehappy:

I intend to get more and more into zebra culture as I go on, as well as what happened to them leading up to the war. I've also got a series of chapters coming up which will shed some light on just how Equestria has changed in the last seventeen years.

And yes, I did kinda forget to add it to google docs. I put it on FOE resource and EqD, but... um, I couldn't work out what I was doing with google docs. I should really have another look when I'm not sleep deprived... :twilightsheepish:

Chapter coming folks. I'm just trying to find a computer that works at present... :twilightangry2:

ah man thats sad Stars heart is broken now anyways good chapter

I think Zenai took it surprisingly well, considering. Serious case of failing a spot check for not noticing Star Swirl's massive crush though. And yeah, I always intended Zenai to be straight, simply because the cast being stocked with lesbians is increasingly cliche.

And Velvet Remedy is a political figure and celebrity now. Uninvited and universally negative commentary on her weight, morality and fashion sense from the stands in the peanut gallery is to be expected. :twilightsmile:

She underestimates everyone. It's pretty much intentional, she acts stupidly and impulsively on purpose, just to make life a little more interesting.
She freely admits she's crazy.

This is the first of a series of three chapters, exploring the other factions and giving some context to events.

I didn't just want to write Fallout Equestria again, the reason I did this in the first place was that I felt I had something new to offer. I'm not the best writer in the universe, so instead I wanted to give FoE fans something a little different.

Plus I love political scheming :raritywink:

Next chapter is huge, though progressing well. I'm not sure if I'll get it done for next week, but I'll try my best.

wow. i really like the way you write and the story in general. its different than other FoE fics and i like that. :pinkiehappy: and (i guess im just immature) "conveniently, gay as rainbows" made me laugh.

Great Chapter! :pinkiehappy:. i noticed you said vault. I'm not sure if you meant to say that instead of stable but i just thought i'll mention it.

Thanks for the catch, I'll change that. Proof reading this chapter was a... challenge. (More than 20,000 words, what the hay?) There was just so much set to happen! I am very pleased with how it turned out though, and this was an important chapter to get right.

Two, perhaps three more chapters and it's the end of 'book one'. Never thought I'd get this far, thanks everyone for reading :raritystarry:

thanks for writing. and yeah, big chapter.


'Holy Penis' is now officially my favorite exclamation.

The next chapter is proving a bit of a bitch, it just won't gel together. I'm gonna keep on it, but I'm not sure if it will be serviceable by the weekend. I'll see if I can bludgeon it into submission in the next two days :applejackunsure:

Yeah, I wanted to flesh out Dust and Zenai's relationship, though I still don't think they like each other that much. They're just both feeling a little vulnerable right now, and don't really have anyone else but each other. Things are only going to get worse though, so better communication between the two of them is certainly a good thing.

This was a bit of a bridge chapter, filling out a few things that needed to happen before the next. The next chapter is coming along really well by the way, and I'm totally loving it. Funny you should talk about new party members... :twilightsmile:

You have to understand, on some level... that is how they communicate. Both of them have reduced sex to a hobby because it stops any difficult emotions being brought into it. When Dust says 'sensate' he actually means 'emotionally damaged commitment phobe'.

Kinda sad really, how they really bond over their shared damage and inability to form long term relationships :fluttershysad:

I want to see how everyone's relationship develops, since it tends to happen fairly organically (it's often as much a surprise to me as anyone). I too think Zenai needs to find herself an authority figure she really respects, certainly, though she's very proud of her self sufficiency. She's getting more friendly with Dust Kicker because for once she doesn't feel threatened by his authority and knowledge, can work with him more as an equal.

I believe I have gone long enough browsing your story anonymously. And not that it would matter, but your story will be the very first I will be reviewing as of registering today. I will not give you blind praise, aside from my opinion of accepting your fic as a legitimate sequel to the main fic in tone and mood.

You made mention of Kkat's mane cast indirectly, how they are fairing and their roles in the reforming government of Equestria. How others (your cast) thinks of each individual member of the group aside of Littlepip herself. Several other fics I saw, despite being self-proclaimed sequels, make little mention of Kkat's lore or core characters for some reason. I mean, even Life Bloom was regarded with importance!

I can almost feel Fluttershy's character, how you carefully accounted for her experience as a Ministry Mare, and the implications of trauma from both the war and the centuries isolation from poison joke that still haunts her.

The significant lore from Kkat's fic; Dust's past affiliation with Red Eye, the Church of Unity, and his continuous thoughts about them. Star Swirl's backstory speaks for itself, but you so far was the first to assume what the Zebrican's general reaction to the alicorns would be after the war (alicorns who were originally designed to fight them on of that).

This part thought, I may have to designate blind praise for you. Despite the pivotal title you have designated your premise. I actually find that the events ongoing throughout the chapters are entirely grey. The individuals at the center of the power play, Golden Dawn, Silent Steel, Midnight Star, Caesar of the West, not to mention the political powers of of the NCR, and even Nightmare Moon. All of them have incredible, twisted flaws, but none of them appear to be entirely malicious, actually instead having a silver lining of a good intention somewhere. But all their conflicting methods and motivations, with the perpetrator who incapacitated Littlepip and the SPP still unknown, it is bound for a bloody miscommunication which lends to the increasing urgency the likes of the Enclave invading the Equestrian wasteland in the past.

The lives of your three heroes, even Zenai are dipped in gray. But perhaps that allows them to see, regard, and judge every perspective and side equally. You've shown with this chapter Caesar's worst trait with his carnal habits but also his visible regret, Midnight's resolve to become a villain to save Equestria who is also the only pony who could stop the SPP's saboteur, Golden Dawn (and his fellow council) stone-wall unwillingless to parley because they only see the well being of their city the only priority, etc, so forth.

So...with that said. There's only one more thing I can say now about this chapter...holy crap, Oteka was his mother?! :pinkiegasp:

Wow, thank you for all that Kiosce, you've got a lot of what I'm trying to do, and said it a lot more elegantly than I could. Ironically the title was originally a hastily chosen second choice (my first was already taken), but it really has grown to fit the story I'm trying to tell. I don't find straight evil villains or good guys that interesting, and it's the flaws that fascinate me. That's part of the reason I took the 'multiple viewpoint' approach, it's interesting to see how these characters justify their own actions.

And yes, I was a little cautious about using Kkat's characters, but I wanted to avoid the 'heroes save the world, then totally fade out of existence so they don't take focus away from the next bunch' cliche. I wanted to illustrate that for them, a dozen other stories have already taken place and are still taking place, and that they're all still doing stuff off screen. It's also the reason I eventually chose Zephyr as the Element of Magic. "Who can I choose who was in that cave at the end, isn't totally obvious, but sort of makes sense..." :moustache:

Fluttershy, Fluttershy. No matter how much you intellectualize using drugs with it just being chemical reactions, and your high status enabling you from underhanded methods of obtaining them, it's still addiction. Somebody should've asked Littlepip to copy Pinkie Pie's last desperate message to Twilight, because I'm skeptical to the point I believe the Mint-als made Fluttershy forget Pinkie Pie's revelation.

If only because the other Ministry Mares (ergo, her greatest friends) have passed long ago, she probably has no emotional obligation to stop chemically abusing her body. Still, like all, I can understand her motivation; An elderly symbol of peace needing all the mental stimulus for the most critical mission of mending bridges with old enemies. But Rufus's reaction that his idol was not so celibate from drugs, that should've been a clue what would happen if the entirety of the Zebras knew of her 'mood relaxants' I daresay it will ruin the credibility of her diplomatic rights as much as Caesar's lustful habits. Still, she was able to spot Arick's sociopathic traits like a black sock in a white hamper. And it brought a chuckle that her worst imagination as spanking his rump, mental swearing notwithstanding.

And then all of a sudden, the conspirators play their hand, to the point I'm really doubting who to believe. Did Caesar stage his injuries and framed it upon Zenai and Silver Quill/Scribe? And what if they actually had truly attacked him in such a manner, and yet came to Fluttershy's rescue?

Did Star Fall really order Fluttershy's assassination? Or was it a plot to frame them and Arick with conveniently placed documents, provoking Caesar and the NCR into combined war against them upon Fluttershy's death?

At this rate, I could go as far as to accuse Rufus as being one of the masterminds of it all, which I believe how paranoid everybody is going to become.

Chigaru, one of the few characters I knew was only a matter of time. You can't be Caesar's symbolic sword if there is no war. I was heavily suspecting it either he or Oteka who tipped Dust off last chapter. Chigaru, wanting to further aggravate the diplomatic relations between the Zebras and the NCR for his bloodlust. Oteka, wanting to put a stop to her son's dark habits. Those are the only two I can think to be dramatically connected. Either way, Chigaru is immensely pathetic, probably not knowing he was merely a middle-man(middle-zebra?) of this whole event. Had he followed his orders properly and escorted Fluttershy safely he could've left nothing to trace back to the true culprits and he'd have his glorious warmongering. But with his intentions made clear as day, the knowledge he was involved had finally opened a gap to follow. Since the Hellhound's claw caught him by the nape of the neck, I really, really hope it went as far as total decapitation.

At this point, the only way our protagonists could even slow this boiling pot of war is for them to shed light of Chigaru's actions to Caesar, AND for him to listen. His father's death, as immoral as he was, may *slightly* impair Caesar's ability to stomach the claims of his personal guard being part of it.

And what of the NCR? The moment they hear 'Fluttershy nearly killed!' across the radios, I can only imagine discarding any pretense of peace. It would also be the only viable (or strongest) manner for the politicians to take a stance on for the sake of the elections. This would be Aaron Kimball all over again.

Bleh! And Dust being so unceremoniously discarded. I still have hope. Yet we saw how Steelhoves in Kkat's fic was so suddenly cut off.

This was a... big chapter for me. I really enjoyed writing it, and I'm glad Fluttershy's motivations came across as understandable. That she knew well Pinkie's deterioration (and yes, she's heard the message) and still twisted it's lesson in her mind to view Pinkie's actions as virtuous was painful for me too, but then this chapter was all about weakness. Fluttershy, same as Silver Scribe, Arick and Chigaru is bound by her addictions and compulsions, even when they're evidently self destructive :fluttershysad:

Next chapter will be up next week. It's a super short 15.5 'mini-chapter' to wet your appetite for Chapter 16, which will be the end of 'Book 1'. After that I'm going to take a short break to proof read everything and build up a buffer, though I doubt it will be long. I'm enjoying writing this far too much :twilightsmile:

No... we are not half way through :pinkiehappy:

There are at present, six or seven roughly planned arcs. This is the first.
It's Fallout Equestria man! I promise you, I do like to keep things moving but there's a lot of story ahead to tell.

Unfortunately I haven't read PH, so canon from there is purely accidental. I have read Starlight and New Roam so stuff from those is totally intentional, but neither are canon (due to neither being complete). Dust's awesome new shotgun for instance, is pretty much the shotgun of which Tankbuster is the unique variant :twilightsmile:

Oh, and random brain musings. The zebra reaction to alicorns is slightly based on the Japanese reaction to things like the USS Missouri, painting Celestia (and to some extent Luna) as worthy opponents and objects of awe. Remember that very few creatures on this coast have actually seen one of Twilight Sparkle's alicorns, and so don't have instantly negative reaction those in the Equestrian Wasteland do. When they look at Star Swirl they don't see a wasteland abomination, they see Celestia, Luna or Cadance. Zebra would have a far more extreme reaction to somepony in power armor.

Warning, I've just moved house, and have as yet not managed to aquire a stable internet connection. This chapter is posted from a crappy old laptop which loads fimfiction at one word an hour.

Hopefully I will have it working tomorrow, but this is dependent on me not being a techological disaster :pinkiehappy:

If an insidious pony/zebra had the capability to compromise the SPP, it stands to grass they would have the resources to sway Chigaru from his 'programming'. Hmm, I've only three theories of the conspirator's intentions at this point, though they are all in certainty false.

Like-minded intentions like Chigaru, to rage war just for the sake of warring; bitter [metaphorical] ghosts wanting to see the downfall of either Equestria or the Zebras for old sins of the past; or individuals assuming the only way to avert a civil war within the NCR was to unite its factions against a convenient common enemy.

It's nice that Oteka is at least admitting the possibility of Chigaru's betrayal, and I couldn't expect her disposition to sway any farther than that. Funny how the Fallout mechanics could turn your enemies to your side with a simple speech check. :twilightsheepish: Still, thanks to the way you heavily implied she threw the fight to let him pass (her injuries convenient evidence to anything she will report) does paint the picture he got through to Oteka, to the point she sought a loophole in her honor to let him past her.

Assuming that Chigaru's history of survival is all true and decapitation by hellhound ain't gonna cut it, I can only assume that jamming a flaming shishkebab into his cranium and keeping it in there could incapacitate him indefinitely. That is assuming his ghoulish body still relies on his brain to function and not his soul. Then...soul jar him inside an apple tree! :pinkiehappy:

And yay, Dust is alive! I guess as soon as he thought to himself, 'This was all going to end badly.' he himself went though a tonne of preparations during Fluttershy's narrative. Good hindsight of his, or is it foresight?

So. With this being an intermission, I'm hoping this is a good time to discuss. I think it's safe to say you made a tremendous tribute to the side-fic FoE: Pink Eyes. I must inquire if this means the events of that side-fic is officially canon in your 'verse. I'm extrapolating that perhaps one of the characters who once encountered the filly-ghoul was inspired to base an AI program with her personality. OR...it's all just happenstance.

You mentioned previously a dozen tales had happened between the end of the official fic and this story. I do wonder if you do intend to include the events of other side-fics as canon. Project Horizons it appears seems to have no mention at all, at least the actions of that protagonist, understandable, even though I did like it.

Anywho, best of luck getting your connection stabilized.

As I said, Horizons doesn't get a mention simply because... I haven't read it. (it all sounds a little too grimdark for me really). Murky Number Seven is likely to be my next read. As mentioned I don't make things canon without incorporating them into the story somehow, which means I would have to work out what all those guys are girls are doing now and quite what effect their actions had on the world (unless the author finally gives in to his own natural tendencies and has them all die in a horrible gang-rape incident).

And yes Psychoshy is cool, and I do have quite a few pictures of her. Her backstory however doesn't really work. As mentioned Fluttershy had multiple children and was married and divorced publicly enough for Dust to have heard about it. Plus... having a surviving child works against my goals of making her as miserable as I possibly can :fluttercry:

You'll have to content yourself with Fluttershy herself. She's psycho enough for the best of them :trollestia:

So, to summarize my whole perspective at this point: Blarg! I can`t trust anypony anymore!

Firstly, a masterful feat, portraying the events in this chapter that occurred simultaneously during the events of the 'Vulnerabilities' chapter. While at the same time, my certainty of assuming who's behind who has been entirely null.

The tragedy of Silver Scribe's demise is twofold. She died with the assumption that it was Regina that instigated the attack, which in near certainty is a false allegation, one she will never know. Secondly, from what I observed, her attitude was the result of having an exceptional amount to live up to. Among the few of the second-generation alicorns that turned out 'right'. Which, to Silent Steel's credit, proved his assumption that this left her very impressionable and incapable of doubting questionable orders.

Chigaru's sparing of the group's lives. I'm back to speculation. His remarks towards Fluttershy sounded very personal. Particularly his opinion that she hasn't yet suffered enough. I can only assume from a schemer's point of view, he wished demonize the identity of the Zebra nation further so that in the event Fluttershy returns to Equestria, she'd be rooting for war.

And speaking of Fluttershy's spiraling :flutterrage: ...it's at this point, expected of pony of the pre-war era, not conditioned from 300 years of the wasteland, to plummet fullstop into post-traumatic syndrome. But that's the problem with living saints, nobody gives them the time to rest or step down. In Fluttershy's case, she could not step away from being a symbol.

And Mr. Sunshine, you are suspiciously not upset at this diplomatic turn of events. A children entertainer gracefully removing trained soldiers with knives? Conveniently having a safe location prepared after the assassination attempt? Acting on behalf the Twilight Society without anypony knowing? Claiming to have many specific skills except for hacking when it could be seen as a convenient cover-story? Departing with the statement that he considers Regina, even Littlepip, as undesirable leaders of Equestria?

Still marking Rufus as a possible conspirator, you've proved it could be anypony at this point.

So yeah, reading this update left me very winded.

But on a last note, you'd think with Zenai's stunt with the energy cell, she'd have gained the Mad Bomber perk instead. :derpytongue2:

Zenai's explosives and repair skill isn't quite high enough for mad bomber, though it's certainly a good direction to take. They need some heavy firepower after all.

And we are here, at the end of the beginning! I've got a lot of things I'm looking forward too in the next part, not least a deeper look into the zebra history, religion and culture. First however I'm taking some time to proof read everything so far, adding bits, tidying up and the like. I want to add a special shout out to szamanx0, who's already helped me a lot with this :raritystarry:

Thanks for reading all! See you in a few weeks!

Hmm,one group is now trying to escape the Caesar's troops,Spike is hopefully still alive and Star met up with this universe's version of Joshua Graham and similar to the game,there's a sort of spiritual journey though its more literal here where an amnesiac zebra dwells along with countless others and a shade? of Luna huh makes an off-hand(hoof?) cameo. So is the shade really her or just a leftover piece from her journey ?

Luna, where? Damn Princesses, always sneaking into plots when you're not looking!

Considering she is likely to continue her lack of screen time compared to her sister, due to being unfortunately dead (hax!), I felt it only fair to throw her a bone.

And yes, the next few arcs are a result of a steady supply of Honest Hearts, Lonesome Road and John Bunyan. They're out in the sandy wilderness, I couldn't resist!

2393656 Well with mentions of Caesar 's' I guess their equivalent of the burned man is bound to appear one way or the other. I'm looking forward to them,of course any guesses on what happens on my part will remain as that,guesses.:raritywink:

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