• Published 4th Jul 2018
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Impossible Numbers' Flashfic Anthology, Volume Two - Impossible Numbers

Entries submitted for Loganberry's 150-Word Flashfic Contests. Individual genre ratings, story summaries, and links are included within the long description.

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Time is a Trial

“Minuette, darling?”

“YesyesyesyesyesyesYES, Twinkleshine, bestest-best friend?”

…Idiomatic Chrono-Ontology?

“I’m investigating the nature of time! ‘No time like the present,’ everyone says. Everyone’s right! Both past and future squeeze the present to an infinitely small point, because if now has dimensions, then it can shrink further, giving those dimensions to either side. Therefore, there is no time like the present! From idioms, I’m extrapolating its real nature!”

“But… sewing?”

“‘A stitch in time’ suggests fabric-like qualities!”

“The crossbow?”

“‘Time flies like an arrow’.”

“The… whale tank!?

“‘Whale of a time’.”

This is Advanced Chronology!?”

“Yep-yep! Professor Regius gave me free rein!”

“Eep. I dread to think what you’d be doing if you had followed me into Astrophysics.”

“I’d be gazing deeply into your eyes right now.”

“…um… r-really…?”

“‘Stars in their eyes’.”

“Oh. G-Good. I-I mean, interesting!”

“Why, what’re you thinking–?”


“Huh? Oheeheehee, Twinkleshine! Sometimes, you think the strangest things!”