• Published 4th Jul 2018
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Impossible Numbers' Flashfic Anthology, Volume Two - Impossible Numbers

Entries submitted for Loganberry's 150-Word Flashfic Contests. Individual genre ratings, story summaries, and links are included within the long description.

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Perfection, or the End of the World

Twinkleshine wished she were a star. The heavens knew no blemish.

“Isn’t Cassiopeia lovely?” In the moonlit field, Twinkleshine relaxed alongside her telescope.

Until… Flash!

“Sure!” Minuette aimed her camera. “One for the album.”

“Minuette, please! Flash doesn’t work at night. Watch for my –”




“Minuette, you’re simply impossible!”


“It wasn’t a compliment! Oh, the detail this requires! Why can’t you be less chaotic?”


Twinkleshine restored her telescope to perfection…

…and stars flared.

She retreated from the eyepiece. “The stars.”


“They’re… falling. Oh no! The stars are falling! Run! RUN! Save yourself! RUN!

Minuette stared. “They’ve stopped.”

Blink. “Wh-What?”


Twinkleshine peeked. “Oh no! Cassiopeia’s ruined!

“Cool! New constellation!”

She sighed. “Of course. Luna’s unscheduled reorganizing. Alas! Even the heavens aren’t perfect.”

Twinkleshine groaned…

“Cheer up! Least it’s not the end of the world. One for the album.” Flash!

…and smiled. “I… suppose not.”

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