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Thoughts on Somepony to Watch over me · 3:43am September 28th

This was a very fun episode, focusing on Apple Bloom and Applejack. The premise is simple with Apple Bloom, who wants to prove that she can do things independently as her sister was overprotective and constantly babying her. So Apple Bloom decides to go make a pie delivery her sister originally was going to make before she decides to go back and "check" on Apple Bloom. This leads to a fight with a Chimera and almost getting herself killed. Overall it was an episode where both Applejack and Apple Bloom needed to learn a lesson. Applejack, most of all, needing to learn to stop being so overprotective of Apple Bloom and see how she can be more independent. Meanwhile, Apple Bloom needed to learn to rely on her sister when needed and not try to "bite off more than she can chew" when it comes to responsibility. Also, I enjoyed they learned their respective lessons together, and there was no Twilight Ex Machina needed. What I appreciate most about this episode is that it solidifies how much Apple Bloom has grown as a character. We first see her as a very naive filly who is learning to be more responsible, but she seems more interested in getting into trouble. Every time she tried to "be responsible" or find her cutie mark, it was through ulterior motives or her not fully understanding what that responsibility entails. We finally saw her grow up here abit, seeing how she can handle most chores independently, despite messing up now and again. Then by the end of the episode, we see her save the pies her family was delivering while battling a chimera by herself. Apple Bloom is a great character and one I greatly respect in her growth, along with the other Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Random thoughts

I love that Apple Bloom had a Ferris Bueller's Day Off moment at the beginning of the episode as she talks to the audience and breaks the fourth wall. I sort of wish the episode could've been like the movie and been her getting into shenanigans while Applejack was gone. But what we got was fine.

While Applejack was looking for Apple Bloom, Smarty Pants showed up under the filly's bed. I wonder how did that get there? :eeyup:

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It would've been nuts if it was Ferris Buller day off

While not a... great episode as such, this one was... okay-ish.

I especially liked this bit. :ajsmug:

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