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Long Journey · 4:05am Sep 27th, 2022

I have to get this off my chest. I’m way too early, but this October 24th would mean that it has been officially eight years since I have been on this site. Say what?!? Eight years? Bruh, it does not feel like that long AT ALL! Wha…where have the years gone? 😰

Man, I seriously cannot believe it. I remember back when I made this page, I was LITERALLY sixteen years old. Posting some…cringy ass stories that I now refuse to look back on. Now I am twenty-four years old, and now living a life, pretty much. I was still in high school at the time. I remember it was fall break, and I remember seeing something about Fimfiction on YouTube I’d say four months after I discovered MLP. Season 5 have not been aired yet at the time, and when I saw Fimfiction, and reading some stories. I just couldn’t help but be inspired. I was itching to get behind that keyboard and create something, and so I did, and ugh…talk about regret for all eternity. :rainbowlaugh:

But all in all, even though I was…dare do I say it? “Underage” when I wrote those stories. You just couldn’t help but be inspired, and I should’ve known at the time, but I couldn’t help it, ya know? I just couldn’t. I would have to say it’s been an awesome journey with you guys. I’m not leaving, don’t worry. It’s kinda sad in a way that this site is not the same as it use to be back then. I miss the old days so much. I can’t tell you guys how much I would love to turn back that clock. To see my old friends from high school again. To live in my old house I use to live in. To see both of my grandfathers that passed away. I miss it. There have been times where I just want to cry because I don’t wanna grow up, but we have to. It’s part of life, I’m afraid. Facing the real world, doing adult things. That’s the way it all is.

I don’t know how to explain this, but I actually do have a fear of growing up. I feel like it stuck with me ever since I graduated high school. I’m sure you guys can defiantly feel what I’m feeling, and let me tell ya. It really does hurt. It hurts so much, I have no idea how to explain it. Hell, it even feels weird to me sometimes listening to a song that came out back in 2010. Does that say something? I mean, I remember back in 2013 or 2014, I remember listening to songs that came out in 2010, I’d listen to them like I love them. Nowadays, if I wanna listen to a song that came out in 2010? “Uh…idk.” I don’t why I have that feeling. It fucking sucks. 🙄

But yeah. It almost brings a tear to my eye knowing that I have to face my fears as I get older. There really has been times where I’ve just been…really depressed. I can’t express that enough. But I’m still here. I’m still walking, breathing, living my life how I wanna as if it’s my last.

I do apologize this turned a bit emotional. I just had to get that outta my system. Thank you all. 🥺

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I'm glad you stuck around long enough to meet you dude. You're definitely one of the coolest people I've had the pleasure of knowing. And no worries I kinda share your fear of growing up too, so don't feel like you're alone

Happy Anniversary! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks man. I really appreciate it very much. It’s very hard, but I’m just so glad there’s someone who understands how I feel. It truly is touching in a way.

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