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    Flutter be Flutterin'

    I haven't done one of these in sooooooo long... FimFic has changed alot!
    Btw, I have some stories in the making, I've been able to learn alot from other writers!

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    Collab is up!

    Rainbooms Over Miami has finally been posted!

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    My OC Drawn!!!

    Well a few weeks ago I went to the mall with a friend and met another brony. We actually became pretty good friends and I checked out his tumblr and realized he's really good at drawing. He told me he'd draw my OC... I couldn't say "No"...

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    You're kidding...

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A call to arm! · 1:01am Dec 11th, 2012

Do you hate mice? Well so do we! Me and my fellow MouseHunter ZuperDerpy require your assistance in ridding the world of this evil! We have created a team, Derpy's Hunting Guild, and we need more hunter... Now I ask you... Are there any dedicated MouseHunters out there!?

We have three spots free at the moment, but as time passes, more spots shall open... If we're any good at tournaments...

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Can I get a link please?:pinkiehappy:

596467 It's a facebook game!

596481 Fuck... Facebook.:raritydespair:

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