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April 2022 · 8:26pm April 9th

March. It came in like a lion, and out like a slightly smaller lion. Now April has come, and the weather is starting to look at least slightly more lamb-like in nature, but a midwestern spring is a tricky and fickle thing, and I know better than to pack away my scarf just yet.

To begin with, my current works in progress are continuing to progress. We're drawing near the end of the first series of the Sunset Archives. The next chapter may take a little while, as it's addressing some especially sensitive subjects that I want to treat with due reverence, but I should have it done before the end of the month. I anticipate the whole thing being finished in June, at which point I'll be returning to Doctor Whooves for at least a couple of stories.

In other writing news, while I attempted to get through the Writing Month Challenge I mentioned last month, life got in the way. I managed to get through ten of the prompts. Of those, three aren't really long enough to be worth putting up on their own, and two were actually the last couple chapters of the Sunset Archives; Down the Garden Path was Misty Garden/”I won’t get lost again. I promise.” and Holder was Runs in the Family/"Consumed by that which truly loves you.".

The remaining five finished works are available on Ao3 here if you want to check them out. I do hope to get to the other twenty eventually, as I did have some good ideas for what they might entail.

Finally, I have made the regrettable decision to start a new art month challenge, because hubris is ultimately my fatal flaw. So, I present to you here the first week and a bit of the April Rainbows challenge, as I try to figure out how to use limited color palettes.

Amelia "Millie" Earhart in Enigma. Millie is from the live play Doctor Who Roleplaying Game podcast The Game of Rassilon. If you like Doctor Who, live play podcasts, or just sci-fi fun, I highly recommend this show.

My old OC, Cross Reference, in Universe's Best Temp. I don't use them much, but I do love my little eldritch horse. I’m quite proud of the subtle tentacles in their shadow.

Four in Butterfly Effect.

Iris Wildthyme in Vodka Aunt. Iris is an in-universe parody of Doctor Who and I adore her.

Thirteen in Time and Tide.

DJ P0N-3 in Patchwork Dancer.

Screwball in Map of All Heavens.

Roman in Brainteaser. Roman is also from the Game of Rassilon.

My concept for a future regeneration of Iris Wildthyme, which I hope to play in the Doctor Who RPG sometime soon, done in Unbounded Sea.

I think these are pretty decent for just trying out limited palettes, but I'm really hoping I can work more on shading, as they don't have the same depth that I like to get out of my pictures. I may have to just go back to effect layers and see how that works out, but this is a time for experimenting! I'll keep you up to date.

Be seeing you!

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