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LGBT Story Or Not · 7:07pm March 8th

This maybe out of the blue but I'm gonna be celebrating Pride Month by doing an LGBT Month of episode reviews on my Youtube Channel. And considering I've deleted my old LGBT story due to burning out stressfully, an new idea came to me but I don't think I'm gonna make it happen. It's been almost 2 and a half months since the last time I wrote a fanfic which was the 3rd chapter of Steven Universe At The Creek and even now, I'm still in a stuck position.

Here's my LGBT idea, three characters of The Ghost And Molly McGee, Molly, Libby, and Andrea finished their production on their first season. They then come across a poster of the LGBT Cartoon Community needing a fundraiser for their next social media activity. With Molly McGee being the optimistic girl she is, she'll take days or even weeks to come up with the best activity for the LGBT Cartoon Community. And it's gonna need a lot of hooves for everyone.

Since I've been witnessing a lot of LGBT representing in Cartoons and one of my goals on my Youtube channel for this June is to express my opinions on the pairings of LGBT. And for this possibly fanfic (as usual), I want to do a fanfic reading of it. The only thing I'm fearing is that if it's gonna be a one shot or a multiple chapter story which could lead to me missing the project after June.

Granted I doubt any of you would be interested due to my limitations but this could be the another opportunity to put my focus on full blast, similar to my Equestria Girls Princess Twilight and We Bare Bears stories. Even if it could be stressful, It might be worth it as long as it doesn't get ridiculously long (Then again, I've might jinx myself). And possibly I could go back to do Steven Universe At The Creek Chapters by chance.

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why delete the story? You can always work on new stuff while keeping your old stuff

The thing is, even if I did a rewrite of my original story, It would probably end up the same predicament. What makes this mostly an improvement is that the main characters are the same, with the addition of Andrea, and making the other Cartoon characters even more important then addressing what LGBT is to Molly and Libby. Believe me, I barely get back to my work of previous projects.

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