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Paint The Moon Red Retrospective · 9:39pm January 22nd

Howdy folks!

Now it’s done, how’d you like the new story? Got a favourite moment or chapter?

Paint The Moon Red was a story that came today with the input of many authors in the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Server in December 2020. I started with the core concept and much of the general things Nightmare gets up to with specific ponies was brainstormed together.

I began writing the story in January of 2021, doing up to the first half of Pinkie’s chapter. It was about this point I entered a period of writer’s block that persistently harrowed me throughout the year. Asides from Rainbow’s Factory and an unreleased epic I started with Camp Nano (I hit the 50k and made it about 10% through the planned story…), I really struggled to bring myself to write anything.

What you do see on my account were all struggles to complete, for some reason or another. I’m glad to say I managed to finish the stories and publish them regardless of this block, but many of them have some major issues I left purely because I could not bring myself to work on them further.

Paint The Moon Red, however, felt more important to me. It’s a story that I felt was relatable and important. It’s a story that was doing homage to some of my favourite musicians, and I didn’t want to let anything half-assed or given up on to represent that. And so I wrote, and deleted, and wrote, and deleted, and stared at, and yelled at, and basically fought with this document for 12 months.

Something about the turning of the year triggered something in me, though, and that block finally dissolved. Within a week the story was finally finished, and a few days later ready to begin publishing.

I learned with this release (and Lead Us Not and Reckoning before it) that staggering chapters may have lead to hype for stories in the past, but once you fall off featured your update’s views tend to scraps. Except for said planned epic, any future stories of mine will have all the chapters released at the same time.

That all said! This was a major project to me and close to my heart. Did you like it? Anything stand out? Or even was there parts that need improvement? I’d love to know your thoughts!

Comments ( 3 )

This was an amazing story, I just wish Nightmare and Celestia actually had a scene together, however the ending was still good. And holy shit a whole year writing this? I would’ve given up, as I’m currently writing six different stories, five of which are connected and I’m ready to throw in the towel. You are man of commitment and sure fucking will. I’m going to read your previous stories soon when I get the chance. Can’t wait to see what you do next.


Hey cheers! I appreciate it.

It never occurred to me when writing to have a NMM/Celestia scene, but you’re not the only person to mention that. I guess it sort of felt unnecessary to me. What would they do? She’s already had a heartfelt apology within the show, and repeating all what she’s come to learn was covered in the Twilight chapter.

It is something I shall ponder further on.

celestia and daybreaker were busy in another club across town >.>

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