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    Hey, so apparently, there's a big controversy going around the site at the moment. It seems it started with a little argument between two members, Blaze-sabre and Skywalker215, where Blaze-sabre joked that his stories were cut-and-paste of the show he crossed over with. Unfortunately, Skywalker215 took him seriously and reported the guy, Blaze-Sabre to a modulator. From what I gathered, the mod,

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    I'm 37 Today

    Today is my birthday! :twilightsmile:

    I've officially turned 37! I better watch myself. I'll be forty before I know it!:rainbowlaugh: Of course, this birthday is a little more melancholy seeing as how it's the first one since I lost my father last year.:fluttershysad:

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The Future of My Main Series · 2:13pm Jan 13th, 2022

I know it's been a long, long time since I worked on my "Marriage of Celestia and Discord" series, but certain things have happened. I know many of you are probably thinking that I've abandoned it, but the truth is I'm rethinking certain things about it. See, I first started it back when season four of 'FiM' had ended, and intended for it to be at least four or five stories. That was before the events of season five through nine came along, and while I feel that those seasons eren't as strong as the previous four, there were still some good moments throughout them all. As such, I'm going to try and write 'MoCaD' versions of some of them. Please note that they won't necessarily be in the same order as the canon events (think of it like syndication). I'm not sure when exactly I'll be resuming, but I will be back to this series at some point. I might even decide to rewrite the first three stories so they'll be a bit better. Many people have called my previous writing 'mediocre'. I'll let everyone know what transpires eventually. Thank you for your patience.

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