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Mykan and tempting fate (and Copyright Lawyers) · 9:02pm Jan 4th, 2022

Seems that Mykan has been busy with new Starfleet Stories that maybe crossing a line that may end in him facing something he can never stop.

His newest story, "Starfleet Magic IX" is taking it's idea from "Sailor Moon SuperS", also known as the 'Dream Arc', along with ripping off Yu-Gi-Oh Season Four "Waking The Dragons". This is kind of treading on copyright stealing and a grey area of legality.

Joe Friday: Stealing ideas and claiming them as your own is known as "Ideological Theft" and it is a crime to commit it, it also violates Copyright Law and will bring down the wrath of copyright lawyers.

But then we are taking about Mykan here. the buy thinks laws are only for him and likes twisting them into his ideas of law. But if Canadian Copyright Laws are like that in The United Kingdom or any other member Nation of the British Commonwealth, then he is in real trouble as they have the most severe punishments for copyright stealers.

Titan: I may be Crazy to take on Starfleet, but COPYRIGHT LAWYERS!?! No thank you!

Lightning Dawn: You're on your own Mykan! (runs)

Raven: Makes you wish you never killed off Twilight Sparkle in the first place.

Mykan might be in more then he bargained for .

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Mykan may be in for more than he bargained for.

Let's hope so.

"Starfleet Magic IX"


Yu-Gi-Oh Season Four "Waking The Dragons". This is kind of treading on copyright stealing and a grey area of legality.

No, it's not!

First of all, you're also forgetting ARC V in which people's souls were trapped in cards. Then again in season 1, Pegausus trapped people in cards too. and also... the Yugioh Movie BONDS BEYOND TIME.

Paradox: "In a Malefic Duel, you don't just lose the game; you lose your soul."

...So don't go making allegations over a common Yugioh plot that is often used agian, and again (Sealing a soul in a card)

Mykan might be in more then he bargained for

Yeah, more of the same... NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT.

Seriously. Get off my back.


ARC-V's storyline with the cards was not copyright violation.


And neither is my Yu-gi-Oh E-Quest. So drop it with the allegations.

If you don't like my stuff, fine. But quit giving me a rough time about it. (You are fighting a losing battle)

Hey, remember when you actually commitd copyright infringement by using the copyrighted font and insignia of the webcomic "Cloudscratcher" as your own for Starfleet and got temporarily all your Starfleet fanfics kicked off fanfiction.net?

How about the fact that End of Ends is using the Dark Prognosticus as a probe and the story is heavily "influenced" by Super Paper Mario in terms of plot beats.

I find it honestly crap that you are essentially a polish stereotype in terms of fanfic writing, while at the same time your "most profound" critics seem unable to properly list off all the forms of copyright infringement you have already done in the past.
Including turning the OCs of other people into characters in your stories without their consent.


Hey! No need to accuse Mykan of anything just cuz you don't like his stories!

Quit giving him a hard time!

Look pal, great you want to be his friend and all, but the truth is (and that is no lie) a lot of what Mykan has writen over the years is him taking stuff from pre existing sources and just replacing the main characters from it with his own or characters from different shows. Plus multiple major parts in stories he wrote are just scenes from other stff, liek Disney movies, verbatim.

Don't believe me? Read this story

And then tell me it does not feel like he took the main parts of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time and the Bruce Willis movie Armageddon to make a 52 chapters long fanfic.

Even Starfleet is using a lot of elements of other works of fiction as a basis for even the smallest things he does.
The main bad from season 5 is influenced by the villains form Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, Goldwin is a rip off of some old children show called Today's special about a manequinn that comes to life vi a magical hat, season four's plot takes elemenets of the first Pretty Cure anime, the Future Trunks arc from DB and Digimon Tamer, the plot of human Mykan being a superhero in season 8 (or was it nine?) is the plot of Superhuman Samurai Sybersquad stolen...

Look, none of that shit gets him really into legal trouble cause when it comes to fanfics it is already muddy water. But Mykan can not claim he has any originality in his ideas, when most of them are verbatim taking "inspiration" from much better sources.

Nine was the rip off of Wedding Peach. Eight was a rip off of both Superhuman Samurai Cyber squad and Power Rangers Jungle Furry

Comment posted by Stolas deleted Dec 9th, 2022
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