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New Year, New Goals · 7:47am Jan 4th, 2022

Happy New Year, everyone!

I want to say that 2022 can only be better for us after such a lousy 2021, but I recall saying the same thing at the start of 2021 too. :fluttershbad: All I know is, I'm holding on for dear life until this slow-rolling calamity finally passes.

So. 2022. Like it or not, it'll be a milestone year for me, as I officially exit my 30s this year. :raritycry:

But with that in mind, I've decided that this year I need some personal goals, and I need to accomplish them. I truly feel like I need to exit this year with some actual things accomplished. Some of these are indeed personal in nature so you'll have to trust me a bit here, but on the writing front, I have much I want/need to get done.

The core of that latter item is finishing long-languishing projects, which means clearing out my overstuffed Drafts folder. And that work begins tomorrow, when I release a sequel to "Full Bloom" that's been sitting around in rough draft for literal years. It's a tad late for Hearthswarming, but someone still has lights and a tree up out there, so it still counts. So if you read/liked Full Bloom, I hope you'll like this holiday-themed look at Rarity-Roseluck as they celebrate their first Hearthswarming together... and unwrap some presents along the way. :raritywink:

After that? Well, I have multiple unfinished Red Shoes chapters, plus a pile of speedwriting entries I started but never finished for one reason or another. Maybe I won't get them all done but damn I'll try to anyway.

So here's to the new year, and to my own motivation. Let's finish off my 30s with a flurry of activity, shall we? :rainbowdetermined2:

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30 made me salty, but 40 was like, "meh".

Happy New Year!

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