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I mainly write Equestria At War fics, but other things too. If you have story ideas or requests, just send me a message.

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    Quick rundown of the past... six months for me. Did my exams, graduated from high school, had a grand old time vacationing around the world, and just got started with college. So yeah, I've been busy. Never mind joining and leaving the EaW team, as well as being member of three different submod teams for EaW (Das Vaterland, Fractured Harmony, and Pax Solaris).

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    Today is my 18th birthday! I don't have a celebration fic or anything planned for today, so if you're looking forward to that, my apologies.

    I might do a live reading of one of my fics/chapters in the EAW Discord later today though. Not sure yet.

    That's all.

    Have a nice day/night!

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    With the end of the year almost upon us, I have begun thinking about plans for the new year. Allow me to explain it to you.

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    A design

    Hello, and Merry Christmas!

    For the planning of the epilogue of the sequel to the sequel of PbP (the sesequel, if you will) I've made a design for Flurry as a young adult.


    Note: her Cutie Mark missing is intentional, she does have one but I don't want to spoil it

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Schedule and Plans V2 · 2:49pm Dec 27th, 2021


With the end of the year almost upon us, I have begun thinking about plans for the new year. Allow me to explain it to you.

Piece by Piece, I will aim to have a new chapter for every two weeks, while my other longfics (for the record, those are: Crystal Story, Rising Sun, In the fields of Equestria and Threads and Lines) will be updated once every month. I hope this will allow me to balance everything correctly.

Now, that's the longfics. But I have a great deal of oneshots as well. Those are often spontaneously written, so I can't really make a schedule for them. Not much I can really say about those.

I will say that I will not take up any new longfics until I've finished at least one of the current ones. So, for those few stories which could turn into longfics (Divine Struggle, Sweet Heart, etc), you will probably have to wait a while.

That said, requests are still open; if you have ideas or suggestions, just ask. I'll consider it as long as it isn't clop.

In any case, have a happy New Years Eve, and thank you to everyone who's read my fics!

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Comments ( 5 )

Could you do a story of Sci-Twi Sunset and the puppies going to Disney World for a vacation?

I've never been to Disney World, but I can try my best, sure

Sounds good, but always make sure to not stress yourself.
Real Life is always more important. If there are any conflicts choose RL first.
Also, perfection can't be rushed. Take the time you need.

Of course, of course. Don't worry, I pace myself quite well.

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