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School shenanigans · 4:27am Dec 11th, 2021

P-pinkie cut it out your going to ruin my favorite hoodie!

*giggle snorts* relax it’s fine!

*pinkie continues to ignore his pleas as she continues to invite herself into his hoodie while he was still in it, it didn’t take long for her to pop her head out of the head hole and come face to face with her boyfriend*

see I told you it would be fine! Now we look super cute like this! Mmmmm~ your so warm honey bunny

*pinkie wrapped her arms around him then buried her head into his neck*

Your stretching out the collar and People are looking at us!

let them look then! They’ll know your mine like this

Ugh you lucky your cute pinkie

*giggles* and your so super nice! My nice cute handsome man….oh that’s probably why!

Uh….why what?

why your so warm!!! It’s because your so hot!

*as fallout laughed at her remark they didn’t see sunset walking up to them until she spoke up*

hey save some for me in there

oh hi sunset! Wanna join us

No! Please no!! My hoodie is already ruined

*laughs* maybe later pinkie but I would like a hug though

oh no problem!

*before anyone can react pinkie some how managed to pull herself away from him and took his hoodie and shirt with her leaving fallout topless and showing his torso

Ahhh! P-pinkie give me back my shirt

celestia I love your abs babe

Sunset now isn’t the time!


why it’s time to show off those abs! If ya keep working out we could grade cheese on them!

*as fallout tried to hey his shirt back other students did look at him mainly the girls and enjoy what they saw*

pinkie come on give him his shirt back I think we should only be allowed to see his abs

yeah ok

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*meanwhile elsewhere. A certain trenchcoat enthusiast laughs his ass off watching*

Hahaha glad I made ya laugh

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