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This page is for the lewd and depraved writing concocted by Septia. Naturally, only the pony related gets posted here. For the rest of my work, head to my Eka's or FurAffinity.

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  • Friday
    Those Moments We Cling To

    There is a pleasure to action, a thrill and eager to achieve, doubt and uncertainty in the moment, followed by a grand elation upon its success.
    Yet, I find myself treasuring, inaction. There is a luxury to allow yourself respite. Perhaps savouring an anticipation, for something waiting ahead. In those moments, where I have done nothing, and not required to do anything, have I been happy?

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  • 1 week
    Ancient Relation

    What if I existed in place of one of my fore mothers? How would the sensations I feel today, translate to that of a creature in the dawn of life? Minds, senses, and out interpretation of ourselves in the whole of the world has changed dramatically again and again. What of me, as I am now, would exist back then? Perhaps, only the basics. Perhaps, some aspects only coincide tangentially to what I

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  • 2 weeks
    A Happy Ol' Friday

    We have a new Vore Pony Art-pack released, check out Festive Feasting, find the link on Aryion or my other accounts.

    I used to think of diamonds in the rough, those crumbs of greatness tucked away amid the grime. Searching through this proverbial grime was grand, for you knew that there was always a chance to find that one gem that mattered.

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  • 3 weeks
    Festive Penultimate Friday

    An oknytt stands by the edge of your door, an ear lent to hear the building speak, it sees the lone light through the glass pane, a flicker that means ill.
    An oknytt through the gaps does soar, the untended flame it seeks, once found extinguished by a slap of its winding tail, a silent sigh as all fall still.

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  • 4 weeks
    A trail of steam through the streets

    When presented with Everything, I tend to choose nothing. If you give me option A or option E, I tend to go for Æ. Something about all being open, all being a valid option, disinterest me. Perhaps there lies something, in that it is not the options we choose, but how we are posed to make them, that engage us.

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February Artpack unleashed and bone breaking · 1:23am Nov 20th, 2021

Almost a year ago now, I took part in the Lustful Lent Pony Artpack, and today I'll start posting the story submitted for it. It has been a lot of fun, and I am eager to work with them more~.

At times, when walking down the road of life, I see some in trouble. I see those with legs in poor condition, their pace rickety as their osseotissue clockwork grinds ever onward. Some can be helped. Yet the road is wide. Densely populated. Perhaps I am just scared.
But then, I see some, wounding themselves: offering a broken bone, to slow down someone else.
I wish to know more. Yet, from my place in the path, it is difficult to see clearly.
Perhaps in their place, I would do the same?

Happy Filthy Friday~.

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