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I’m a brony with the body of a pony and the brains of a griffon who seems to enjoy watching random female characters starve.

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  • 33 weeks
    Wholesome Checkup

    Welp, I asked Fimfiction to delete my account in February. That was two months ago... I’m still here...

    *sips coffee and drums fingers on table*

    So, how was your weekend?

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  • 42 weeks
    It’s time for me to leave

    It’s been a great three years, but all great things must come to an end, as they say. It’s been a pleasure writing and sharing with you all, but I’ve started to drift apart from that stuff, and this fandom as a whole. So, I’m hitting the road, and taking the great memories with me!

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  • 53 weeks
    Grumpy Hitch >:(

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  • 61 weeks
    It’s about time!

    A New Generation finally has it’s own tag. I’ve already updated all my stories, how about you guys?

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  • 61 weeks
    Quick Little Comment

    I’m watching the movie right now, about a quarter of a way into it. I have just one comment:

    Phyllis is a Karen.

    Also the funniest joke so far:

    Izzy: Hey, guys. I know what you’re thinking.
    Sprout: I knew it! SHE'S READING OUR MINDS!

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Grumpy Hitch >:( · 4:21pm Nov 19th, 2021

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Wow! That is relatable!

Only every single day of my life

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