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I’m a brony with the body of a pony and the brains of a griffon who seems to enjoy watching random female characters starve.

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yeah how about fuck no

Seriously? Can't we just introduce characters without the porn?

That's just wrong. After all, he's a mama's boy who wants his mommy to change his diapers.

I was afraid this was going to happen... At the premiere of the My Little Pony: A New Generation. You've turned a wholesome animated flick into porn :fluttercry: :facehoof: :raritydespair: :ajsleepy: :rainbowhuh: :pinkiesick:

Geez, what fandom do some of you think this is? We've been writing and drawing porn of these characters since the first promotional came out.

Regardless, y'all ruinin the new shit when it hasn't even been around for THREE DAYS

For some reason, I think there have been people out there who grew a new fetish for these characters after the ending of that movie... And its not long till someone makes a sex scene with the new Alicorn Sunny Starscout...

I know. I can't believe it took this long for the post-movie clop to come out either, but better late than never.

In the case of every homie tryna keep their minds pure its actually better never but ok jit

If two ponies are related, you can be sure someone in the fandom will make them fuck. That's a law.

Umm you do know that Phyllis is way much older than Sprout right? Imagining that in Anthro... Umm... :pinkiesick:

Don't make it worse, homes.

…are we really already going for it that fast. Taking no time at all and going straight for the fetishes.

where’s mine non-con stories plz

Oh man I was on /mlp/ seeing anons get horny over the butt shot and it feels good. I’m hoping there’s a resurgence in the pony community.

Don't entertain it, jit.

well that didn’t take long

I mean, there is this obscure option of "not reading it." Not like it isn't clearly labeled what's in store if you do.

Considering she's his mother, I would hope she was!

And to be fair, we aren't the ones who decided those two should be flirting and giving each other bedroom eyes half the time. Norman Bates is telling Sprout to get help, fer crying out loud.

True, but jit just ruinin G5 man

Well... I somehow knew this was bound to happen one way or another.
Long live the incest group!
Leave your morality and logic outside the door, and embrace the debauchery and depravity we provide.
Well done good sir/madam.

I expect to see more of such content in the near future now that the movie has been released.

I mean, G4 survived to become Hasbro's longest running series despite that same ruining. Transformers has survived it for decades, and those characters don't even have genitals to USE for that sort of thing.

R34 is called a rule for a reason.

You read the fic, didn't you?

Seemed prudent before judging it. I've also been writing worse longer than some of us have been alive.

Hopefully. I mean, Sunny has that "nice cock, Anon" thing going for months, time for someone to make it a story.

your description spoiler is not working..

just don't read it.. there likely will be stories down the line, not focussing on clop..

How could you! they are mother and son!? Seriously, could you not have waited a bit longer like when her heat hits in so she would have been bred?

'Sprout Bangs His Mom' fuck yeah, what more could I possibly ask for in a fic

New, proper phyllis tag:

The phyllis you currently have tagged is the plant!

Oh! That made me genuinely facepalm! XD

So, its tagged as Anthro yet they have hooves instead of hands?

Sprout has a dick. I thought that counted.

and voiced by Ken Jeong

I cracked at this.

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