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school tip 5#: make sure to hide behind cover during enemy reloads

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  • Saturday
    Morning Jog

    "-trottin' down the avenue, see how the sun shines brightly in the city-"

    “On the streets where once was pity, Mr. Blue sky is living here today! hey hey!”

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  • 1 week
    Scare prank

    After putting away the last dish she was washing she went into the living room where her foals Zinc, Thumbtack, and Amber were playing around while Star sat on the couch reading a book (something about a babysitter being stalked by a mental patient).

    “Hiya Star! finished washing the dishes!” Rami said as she took a seat next to her husband.

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  • 2 weeks
    Hot chocolate

    “Man...what happened last night?” Ramirez asked herself as she sat up and stretched, giving out a little cute yawn in the process “where...where am I?”

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  • 2 weeks
    Wow, what a great way to wake my ass up last night.

    Basically, some guy was testing the speed limits while drinking some bud light and listening to blinding lights, everything was going good until he lost control of his car (probably because he forgot a roundabout existed at the end of my street) and not only damaged my dads van but also my uncle’s car.

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  • 2 weeks
    so...finally discovered Poppy Playtime...

    I saw it through 8-bitryan playing it.

    well, goes to show I have not been keeping score of new trends or whatever people call it and I’ve been living under a rock, isolated from good shit like that game...fuck.

    I love the game though sad that chapter 2 will come out in 2022 (I think)

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heheheheh · 11:33pm October 1st

“NO! I aint coming out!” Ramirez shouted, hiding under a table while blushing heavily.

“Come on Rami! be brave!


“Be brave Ramirez!”


“B-But what if you guys laugh at me huh?”

for context, Ramirez is hiding because she is embarrassed to be in her nightmare night costume. of course it isn’t nightmare night yet but she decided to try it on again, now she regrets it.

“We aren’t going to laugh Ramirez” Melody reassured.

“P-Promise?” Ramirez responded timidly.

“Eeyup, it ain't the first time you had it on”


“Dont be afraid”

“Y-You guys laughed at me last time!”

“Ramirez, we promise, we ain't gonna laugh at you. okay?”

“F-Fine...” Ramirez then took a deep breath before coming up from underneath the table, there she stood in all her glory...in her taco costume! she also had her stuff taco (A.k.a Mr. Taco) sitting on her head.

“D ‘awwwwww!”

“Heheheh, cute”


“See? we ain't gonna laugh, tho we do find it cute Rami”

scrunching her nose and looking away Ramirez blushed so hard it would make the color red run for its bits “I-I’m not cute nor am I adorable...”

now we all know what she’s wearing for Halloween!


Comments ( 39 )

“stop! I am not cute!” *tries to take her costume off*

Heh, cute.


“no! I am not cute! so I’m taking it off!” *struggles and falls down*

“well dont just stand there! help me take it off!”

“w-what? w-why not?


*looks at him with puppy dog eyes* “please?”

”hmph...” *whispers into her ear* “I will get you back for this and it will be a surprise!”

“we’ll see!”

“I’ll tickle you!”

“hmph!” *walks away*

What happens when she meets Lonely Gear who doesn't need a costume because he looks like a skeleton/mannequin.

she’ll be horrified

Just put a suit on Lonely Gear and you get slender mane.

Advantages of having a white(fur)coat and being lanky as fuck.

Where's the skit with him?

*realizes that he forgor💀* holy shit I’m so sorry!

I don't know when but I’m thinking about having two skits: before and during Halloween

Hahahaha... Lonely Gear... forgettable as always...

dont worry! I promise I’ll make a skit about him! (and Angel Midnight)

“Mhm! new friends!”

“Eheheh… well, Rami, if you find being called cute a bit too embarrassing or uncomfortable, we’ll stop, okay? Or at least I would, if you want me to.”

“Thanks...” *hugs tightly*

Can’t speak for the others

“Yeah, unfortunately—”

I was just teasing. I'd stop too

“Sure ya’ll would.”

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