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I found my people · 6:34am September 21st

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i dont block ether

Same but that's more due to my left hand being unable to do more than press the move forward and jump button due to medical related stuff. Crouching and sliding is a 50/50.

In essence, I enjoy combat games by going with the biggest and baddest gear I can find and hope I can take as many down with me before I either die or reach the checkpoint if it applies XD

Yes! All out attack! No dodging! No blocking! Reason why I main characters in Smash Bros that has super armor, because I don't need to block!

There's only two reasons to let off the gas in a racing game; you've got yourself stuck and have to back out, or styling on opponents by reversing over the finish line because you've got that much of a lead.

Let’s be honest here, who put non damaging moves (like protect or sword Dance) on their Pokémon as a child? I didn’t use sword Dance until black and white!

I don't have the reflexes to remember to block and attack. I just attack until I notice I am taking hits and move away. I don't have the patience to block. More often than not you have to time something perfectly to block well without taking extra damage or something. This is the main primary reason I don't play Dark Souls. Don't speak to me of different character types to play as for a cheap or easy strategy, you still have to be mostly careful.. and I would be absolutely miserable playing that game. I can respect it from afar but I don't think I have the mental patience for those types of games, and Bloodbourne. Doesn't mean I can't respect it though.

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