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The three pony tribes separated again and this means the Mane Six ultimately failed Equestria and everything they did was for nothing in the end..... But that's not true and here's why. · 1:13am Sep 20th, 2021

Can you imagine? Generation 5 has not even started yet and there is already a controversy about its premise in the fandom.
As you probably know (and are maybe a part of yourself), that Equestria has become a dystopia in the distant future because the three pony tribes separated and are enemies again makes many fans of "Friendship is Magic" cautious about Generation 5 because they think that everything the Mane Six did was for nothing. But is that true? Have all their efforts for Equestria be in vain because of that development?
No and there are three reasons why .

1. The Mane Six aren't the ones who united the three pony tribes.

Maybe that's something that has been lost in the fandom's own history a bit or maybe the popularity of the Mane Six has grown bigger than their heroic deeds. But if you think back on Season 2, as well as the respective Hearth's Warming Eve episodes of Season 5 and Season 6, you will remember that the three pony tribes weren't united by the Mane Six.
It were the three founders of Equestria, Chancellor Puddinghead, Commander Hurricane and Princess Platinum, together with their assistants Smart Cookie, Private Pansy and Clover the Clever, who brought the three tribes together after they learned about the windigos and what happens if earth ponies, pegasi and unicorns don't stand united, more than thousand years before the Mane Six were even born.
Furthermore, even when the three pony tribes got riled up against each other for a little while by Tirek, Cozy Glow and Chrysalis, it weren't the Mane Six who reunited them. This deed was done by Sandbar, Hyper Sonic and Raspberry Dazzle.
The Mane Six take credit for many heroic deeds, but the unification of the three pony tribes is not one of them. They didn't originally unite the three pony tribes and they didn't keep them united, so nothing the Mane Six did got undone with the separation of the three pony tribes.

2. Equestria has gone through a very, very long period of peace thanks to the Mane Six.

Equestria has always seen many enemies who either tried to conquer or to destroy it. Most of them since Nightmare Moon's return have been defeated by the Mane Six. These are their actual heroic deeds, they saved Equestria from conquest, destruction and enslavement countless times. And with this, they ushered in an unprecedented era of peace for Equestria, by eliminating nearly all major threats it had.
Twilight's friendship school also contributed to this, it brought cooperation between ponykind and other species and, over time, created a strong alliance with other kingdoms and nations that brought Equestria additional protection against outside threats.
Since the Mane Six died and until the three pony tribes separated again, at the very least a couple hundred years have passed. During all this time, the ponies of Equestria lived together in happiness and peace. And even after the separation of the three tribes, the ponies of each tribe still live a prosperous and safe life among their people inside their respective kingdoms. This is possible thanks to the Mane Six' efforts. If they hadn't defeated Nightmare Moon or Tirek, for example, Equestria would have developed much differently and the ponies of the future wouldn't have the freedom they enjoy.
The heroic deeds and efforts of the Mane Six were not in vain. They saved the lives of millions of ponies and made it possible that all these ponies could live in freedom and complete peace for hundreds of years. This is an achievement that hasn't become undone and that no development in the future can undo, no matter what happens.

3. The heroic legacy of the Mane Six still lives on and inspires other ponies.

Lastly, there's Sunny Starscout, and she is the third reason why the Mane Six didn't fail. Sunny's ambitions, to reunite the three pony tribes in peace and friendship, are directly inspired by what the Mane Six did in the past. Ever since Sunny's dad told her the stories about them and how they were the heroes of Equestria, Sunny has the goal to bring the pony tribes back together.
With that, their legacy lives on and it has inspired at least one pony to spread friendship and harmony like they did. And with their legacy still existing and inspiring other ponies like that, how can one say they have failed? Their impact on Equestria is still present and can still be felt far into the future. They have anything but failed.

And these are the reasons. There is a lot of negativity associated with the separation of the three pony tribes in Equestria's distant future, but this is not needed. Nothing about the separation of the tribes suggests that the Mane Six failed because this happened and everything they did for Equestria can still be seen in its distant future.
Even with Generation 5's bleak and dystopian premise, every fan of the Mane Six can still go into Generation 5 with the positive feeling that the actions and deeds of the Mane Six mattered and made a difference.

Stay easy as a filly!

~ Fluttercheer

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Well, the biggest issue people have (including me) had with the G5 premise isn't exactly that "the Mane Six failed" but it a more meta reason under that everything they achieved got erased in the first place instead being built upon just to rehash the same plots with different characters.

Right now, it is too early to judge if they really are going to rehash the plots and I liked the G5 movie. But by bringing G4 over, it also opened up a lot of worms regarding the setting due to the lore baggage, like the sun and moon for example.

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