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"What Are Readers Reading Anyway?" Asks Local Pegasus Who Has Successfully Read This Entire Sentence Without Falling Asleep · 2:14pm August 28th

Hello everyone! How are you? How's the weather been treating you? I am well and am happy to say I've been dry for almost THREE days straight now!

Now that I've gotten a few stories posted, I feel like I've sort of established what kind of flavor of story I enjoy writing about. I have very few hard limits when writing stories, but obviously if I enjoy the subject matter than getting the story past my writing desk and finished is much much simpler! Because that's honestly one reason I started writing in the first place. No one seemed to write things quite the way I liked it, so I figured I'd try my hand at it and get more stories about ponies in diapers out there for the world to enjoy!

I do, however, run low on ideas sometimes, which is the reason for this journal!

Think of this blog post as a sort of suggestion box. I can't help but feel like I might have done this in some shape or form in the past, but I decided to do it anyway for good measure! What kind of stories are you in the mood for? What sort of wordsmithing makes you think "ah, lovely, I shall read this onest I brew up my tea and consumeist such words verily in my lounge."? What content would you like to see in my future stories? What have you enjoyed so far? What have you not enjoyed? Loved? Hated?

Please let me know and hopefully the feedback will jump start an idea to write about!


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Well I like the humiliation and embarrassment that is for sure, but I also like the self questioning, doubt, about who they are and what they actually like or find sexually arousing for them like the garment and the beginning of a new outlook on them as. I like it when there is a guide through it.

I am mostly into emasculation, humiliation, and disempowerment, self-bought, But I also like it when the story has a twisted logic on to itself wit using normal social convention stretch it to it's most obscured revolving around diapers wither is is accepted by the locals or are reluctantly accepted as a necessity, obviously that involve world building and creating the lore about it is always fun to do

I’m pretty biased but I love your stories when Cadance is in diapers and Shining is her caretaker. I also really like the story you did with Sandbar and Gallus a long time ago as well as your recent fic with Smolder and Spike. Also Cake Party has been Excellent every step of the way!

General stuff I like to see here and other pics and stories are diaper sex, spankings, humiliation, blowjobs, trying to hide diapers under clothes, and caretakers embarrassing there littles.

As far as suggestions how about something with some of the Student Six? And Yeah more stuff with Shining and Cadance please!

If you’d like more specific ideas let me know I’ve commissioned a lot of pony diaper art over the years and I saw you used two as the art for stories!

I too also like the "diapered normality" idea where diapers and usage of them is just a thing that occurs.

Humiliation and embarrassment definitely pair well with diapers! Mhm mhm! I also love me a good world or lore building! The problem there though is having an interesting story to tell after that lore has been established!

I've actually been nursing a longer version of that Gallus and Sandbar story ever since I finished that one! Unlike its predecessor I'm trying to take things slow with the pair's relationship and the introduction of diapers. I have some cute scenes I want to include like Gallus wetting a diaper for the first time or Sandbar teaching Gallus how to swim at a private beach, but the problem I keep running into is not having an interesting way to tie all those scenes together into a nice narritive! Sadly, for now the story is just a bunch of fragments and footnotes floating around my writing desk...

Variety is the spice of life, but sometimes I can't help writing up yet another little something about Cadance and Shining Armor! Maybe I'm just a sucker for that chemistry between the princess who was once a babysitter and the big brother stallion who just looks so cute wearing a diaper! However to keep general interest up, and to avoid falling into a rut, I'm always trying to avoid just...writing another cute story where those two have adorable diaper fun. Although I guess it's all up to what my muse decides which story I should finish!

Oh, I need to sink my teeth into a good "diaper normality" story. It's a delicate idea to work with, but when its done right I can see myself having a lot of fun with it! Infact, a story fragment I have on my desk involving Princess Luna getting her diaper changed in the middle of a hallway by a royal servent comes to mind. But at this time it's just an unfinished section of story floating around! I really hope I can finish that!
This is all great feedback so far, everyone! It has certainly given me something to think on! I only hope my stories continue to be fun to read!

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