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  • 1 week
    Still working on the new story

    November's been rather odd lol in that regard. Sure, technically 3k words on a story isn't bad, but that's only three scenes done since most of them ran longer and with Thanksgiving a few days ago- and my plans of writing right after I got back dashed when the plans changed so that I just got back yesterday I really am still getting back into the groove of writing.

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  • 5 weeks
    Planning out a sequel story

    Have to rewatch Too Many Pinkie Pies cause I am planning out a sequel/ adjacent story to that Butterdash one I did a few months/ year back or whatever. I want to do this cause its one of those weird story ideas that, unlike a few others that have either fallen by the wayside or were too weird to work on (you should see my unpublished stories lol), I have continued to come back to writing smut

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  • 8 weeks
    New Story out

    Maybe it isn't your bag, but I wrote that Sunny and Izzy shipfic. Just released as well, so its out and able to be read whenever you want.

    Sure its not G4 technically, but its definitely kind of related lol.

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  • 9 weeks
    So the G5 movie wasn't trash

    Honestly I had very little drive to watch G5's movie. I mean sure, I've been a fan of G4 since the beginning, pretty much and a fan of pretty much every other gen of MLP besides- even some of the spinoff or side content isn't bad. But the shift to 3d models was a massive jump and the absolute fear my brain had with the whole "G5 is deep future G4 where Twilight just isn't there" kind of vibe that

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  • 11 weeks
    Guess Who's Back

    That's right, I'm back to writing this story and I would have written more chapters these last 10 months but with the pandemic, and my life going topsy turvy, and moving out I'm back and ready to write more. Cause I've been sitting and stewing on ideas for like at this point a year and I need to get them out somehow. Seriously though, the last year has been rather unkind and odd so getting back

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2100 words into next chapter · 3:11am August 16th

I know its been a year since the last update but last year and most of this one was rather not good on my end. Moved out and getting settled and into the groove and finally able to focus and not feel like garbage about writing or getting talked down to about my life. So that's why I've written about half of those words in the last week. Besides a bit of editing the rest of it is from last year. Literally. I wrote the first thousand words a week or two after the last update and then my life kind of fell apart slowly or at least got toxic enough that emotionally I couldn't focus on writing stuff besides the odd chapter or two.

But I'm back and hopefully I get an update out in the next two-ish weeks.

Cause I don't need 10000 words to make up for a year gone from this story. I just need an update that pushes the story forward lol.

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