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Optimism? · 12:36am June 30th

Oh, hello.

First off, I regret to inform you that I have no pony content to share at this particular moment. My apologies. However, if you're in need of something sweet and friendly and animated, I heartily recommend the recent slice of life anime, Super Cub. It's about a little girl who drives around rural Japan on a Honda scooter. That's it. That's the show.

It's wonderful.

I'm not even really big into slice of life anime, but this show just charmed the heck out of me. Probably doesn't help that I watched a lot of Japanese tourism videos on YouTube awhile ago, to the point I was vaguely considering a Japanese vacation before, uh, 2020 happened. Oops.

Scooter-commercial-shows aside, I just thought I'd check in to let the whole dozen of y'all that care about my existence know that ... things are good? Or, well, the world is still a bleak and chaotic place, but I'm okay, at least. Got some unexpected good news this morning, which has me in a good mood. To the point where the future is looking a little more ... solid than it did before? Or, well, at least I can be slightly less tentative in making future plans? Maybe? Like I've got a July 2021-July 2022 calendar on the wall here, and I might ... actually write down stuff to do? Madness.

So yeah. I'm doing pretty well, and you should go watch Super Cub. I'm not saying 13 episodes of little girls on scooters is what made my future look brighter, but ... it couldn't hurt, right?

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I'm glad you're doing good and hope things continue to improve for you.

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