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I'm Not Canceling My Halloween Story, However... · 6:33pm June 22nd

I'm working on the 4th chapter and yet, I'm still struggling since I'm getting into the most complicated bits of it. I've been trying to get back into the spirit of the horror elements but I haven't even got to Applejack and Rarity's character since one is a survivor while the other is a superhero. Not to mention that I'm probably gonna end the story with 7 chapters instead of 5 or 6. I had ideas but as the weeks gone by, I couldn't even try to put these ideas into got use.

But consider this story is what people wanted from Equestria Girls involving Halloween, I'm not gonna make the decision to cancel it. I've gone this far and disappointing anyone would lead to more pressure. Don't know if I'm gonna finish the story at the end of this month but hopefully in July. Especially doing two Christmas stories after this.

P.S. I was planning on doing a Craig Of The Creek and Steven Universe crossover but since I've learn that SU is a show in COTC, that idea was instantly scrapped. Maybe I could use that formula for my crossover fanfic.

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