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  • Wednesday
    So, what happened?

    Basically, a ton. I had been so busy and tired that it isn’t funny. I’ve been sick for three weeks, I had to take care of someone else’s dog at someone else’s house for two weeks, and I had to start remodeling for the past month while also setting up to get started with other personal matters. Holy shit this was the shittiest summer, and I’m only half way through. In any case, that’s what’s

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  • 3 weeks
    I just can’t catch a break-

    Not even two days after I finally got over my illness, a family member was sent to the hospital. It’s something to do with low hemoglobin levels, and I spent a week taking care of their house and dog. I was scared throughout the entire week, because I had no clue what was wrong and if they’d recover, but they are currently doing fine and may be back to normal soon. In other news, there is now

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  • 5 weeks
    A Sick Boy rants about stuff (random)

    Yo, it’s ya Boi here with... I still don’t feel well. My head’s fuzzy and it’s been hard to really focus on anything. At least I’m not feeling as bad as last week. Covid’s weird. Anyway, I can’t sleep and I wanna rant. Future me will decide whether or not to post it later.


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  • 6 weeks
    Ace Combat 3 Pt4

    Sally: Nemo, I don’t understand why we are playing chess again. You’ve lost 27 times and won 0.
    Me: Sally, you and I both know I’ll lose this, but eventually, I’ll win for once.

    Sally: Incoming message: Rena.
    Me: *smiles* aight.

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  • 8 weeks
    A small quick update (personal health)

    Just giving a quick update. My muscles still hurt like nothing else, my head is still fuzzy enough that I can’t get much done, and my monthly slump is kicking in. On the plus side, I’m living out my childhood of drinking apple juice and ginger ale (the apple juice is something with a bit of sugar, but not as rough as the ginger ale or other sodas). My forehead’s terrible for checking my

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Yo what the fu- (personal health update) · 2:44pm May 26th

So, I’ve been gone a while. Why, you might ask? Welp, a personal matter came up around May 10th, where I spent a week trying to sort it out as well as a bunch of stuff that comes up. Then, not even two days later, something else came up. Awesome. Tired as shit by that point.

Then, May 24th, I started feeling off. Next day, I’m in constant muscle pain, fuzzy head, runny nose, coughing, and I couldn’t move around too much.

As I write, I just had to correct myself since I wrote right instead of write- look I’m really fuckin’ tired right now-

In any case, I’m gonna fuck off and sleep some more, since I’ve got the time to do that. I’m taking medicine and drinking water, as well as Gatorade and ginger ale.

Hope y’all are safe, peace!

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Hope you get better

I wish you a swift recovery, Yellowtail.

Aww! Take care of yourself and keep us updated! We will send positive thoughts and prayers your way!

Hope you feel better, stay safe man.

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