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Rejected Covid-19 Idea · 1:22am April 19th

If your wondering, no, I'm still not interested into writing with my limited ideas but I did had one idea involving Covid-19. The idea represents what I'm feeling right now since I'm on lockdown with no job. The story would either take place in MLP or Equestria Girls, it's mainly how the character can't take the stress of being in lockdown by not going to school or work.

The major problem is aside of possible ideas like how to make quarantine work and maybe some comedy (Even if I'm never good at that), is the fact that people can't bypass the virus when they found an solution to work or do school outside. I only go to places when I'm grocery shopping, never spend a full day outside with the virus taking over.

I'm lucky I never had Covid yet but if I did, I would probably make the story a little darker for how much I almost died because of it. But aside of the Sweetie Drops/Lyra Heartstrings story I did last year, I'm sure people don't want to read a story about death relating to the Coronavirus.

This idea was all I had but unfortunately, it never made felt like the best idea. I understand I haven't posted a story since November (Aside of a Steven Universe one shot and 17 chapters of We Bare Bears) but to be honest, I can't pick a character that fits the Covid story. I thought of Pinkie Pie, Human Twilight, or maybe Silverstream but I can't even think of what to do with the secondary characters.

Maybe I might pick up this idea before the pandemic is over but as of now, my active on this channel is still limited.

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