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Get Help If You Need It · 4:40pm April 17th

A recent mass shooter is being identified as a brony, with a particular obsession with Applejack. Equestria Daily has a post about it. Just wanted to say that if you are troubled in any way, there's no shame in having a comfort character. However, please remember that they are fictional. Their purpose should be to inspire you to do better with your real life. Not to take your problems out on others. Additionally, if some take this information as an opportunity to stereotype all bronies as dangerous, please be civil and explain respectfully why it isn't so.

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Comments ( 13 )

Oof, that's crazy! :twilightoops:

I agree with ya there, man. /)

We really need to funnel most of the money going to the police into mental health services instead. That would do a far better job of reducing crime and pain both.

Every single fandom has some kind of fuck face like this guy, to label everyone else as him screams jack thompson levels of dumb

Applejack would kick this guy's teeth in if they ever met, for going against everything she and her friends stand for. And then keep doing it until he stopped stalking her (which would eventually happen, if only because head injuries are far more serious to humans than she realized).

I read about it as well this morning. I just hope that we learn the real reason for him doing this, and pray that others don't use this reason to place blame on our kind.

No, getting rid of poverty would reduce crime. Mental health services is a bandage on an internal fracture wound. One should not need to have to go to a psychiatrist in the first place.

CSC #7 · April 17th · · ·

Ah great. It’s Randy Stair all over again. :ajbemused: We need to make it clear we don’t claim him and we condemn him for this act of evil.

Wealth is not a universal cure for mental illness. It helps, but perhaps not nearly as much as you think.

RNBW #9 · April 18th · · ·

Ah, man... These kind of people do need help with their mental health.

Look at Elon Musk, and then try to tell me with a straight face that you can't be both rich and insane.

Insane he may be, but he is also a genius who is changing the world for the better. I'll happily tolerate his brand of insanity.

With that kind of money, he could be doing a whole lot more if he were sane.

Aren't you just a bit too demanding? The man is saving the world from the biggest ecological catastrophe ever, he is developing self-driving capabilities that will eventually do away with most of the road accidents, and he is contributing to the space travel research.

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