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I like big buts and I cannot lie~ You other brothers can't deny! When a sentence walks in with an itty ideal and big clause in your face you get sprung!

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    Always One of the Three

    "Full Lance," Sweetie Bell asked.

    "Sweetie Bell?" Full Lance turned around to see Sweetie bell leaning by the side of portcullis.

    "Sorry to stop you just before you left, but..."

    Full Lance grunted questioningly.

    "I need to give you something, Full Lance. Before you leave." Sweetie Bell said this, turning her face to the floor beside her, lips pulled tight.

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    Eye Catching Premise

    I have found my gospel:
    Ezn's Writing Guide
    And it links to a lot of fics that aren't on the site. So, I'm using this blog post a a pseudo bookshelf.

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    The Original Preface to Full Lance & the Holy Roman Empire!

    Prelude/Forewarning/Author's Note
    [Skip this part if you're interested in the story, come back when you're annoyed]

    Hello, originally I had this in a separate chapter the author's note, but as it turns out, this is better.

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Eye Catching Premise · 6:31pm Apr 12th, 2021

I have found my gospel:
Ezn's Writing Guide
And it links to a lot of fics that aren't on the site. So, I'm using this blog post a a pseudo bookshelf.

If you're wondering about why the real chapter of Full Lance and the Holy Roman Empire isn't out, first of all thank you for wondering (I had no idea you existed [you probably don't, do you?]). Second, it's coming. I should've worked harder faster.


This is Merallkos from the future, and I'm hijacking this blog post!

It's a Dangerous Business Going Out Your Door
This one's at the top because: Ponies in cool armor. I feel like cool armor is not nearly prevalent enough, and the same goes for face covering helmets. Also I like adventure stories.
This is future Merallkaos again (I'm editing from bottom to top), and I am partway through reading this story. It is higher fantasy which I like, however! It is a bit of a roller coaster for me. For whatever reason, I will go from "Wow, what a nicely written scene, that's great!" to "GRNGCH! What am I WATCHING?!"
I think it might be because the fic itself might be a highly derivative patchmeal meal of other well written fantasy? So, being composed of tropes, it doesn't have the best flow because its shifting gears bit-to-bit. It all works, but I get thrown out sometimes.
Also, I have a tendency to overreact when characters serve the plot, are disfunctional as teams, and make stupid decisions.

I'm almost certain that the sloppy teamwork is intentional, put in place so that the girls can develop and grow into an amazingly awesome team by comparison. But I've also been watching the Dragon Prince, and there has been a very interesting progression of teamwork. Basically, in the first three seasons it was good, and now it bad. It's at the point now where there is a treasure hunt, but the MC's aren't really advancing the plot so much as they are being playfully tossed around by it. I might make a blog post about this subject entirely, since the Dragon Prince's writing is very interestingly mediocre a lot of the time.

Getting Lucky
Comedy? I like to laugh too sometimes!

Children of The Sun
This one caught my eye because "Children of the Sun" is the name of a roleplaying system/world that a certain Greg did a very longwinded story pretaining to. Also, the show never went into the thousand year period between Moon-banishment and show-start, so I'm intrigued.

Stories of Old
Lore? Equestrain lore? I'm colored with the color that most suggests me incorporating elements into my own story!
Or actually maybe not. After having read this story, it's more mythological than it is world-building-y. I wouldn't say that it really gets my imagination going, and it doesn't properly bridge with the later seasons of the show. It's still worth reading though.

Off the Edge of the Map
I feel like the title says it all here.

Twilight Sparkle's Awesome Adventure!
I was a fanfiction author with yellow skin, a dark purple slit eye, and a large gun strapped to my back. I wondered how I would be able to defeat................................. Tireximort?!

Sunny Skies All Day Long
I tend to favor my skies stormy or overcast, actually.
It's future Merallakos here, and I just want to say that that is an underwhelming quip! Especially because the story's title is actually a clever wordplay in and of itself--it makes my quip look like look like a pallid shadow of a sock puppet.

Other useful thing(s):
Horse Parts

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