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We Bare Bears: The Truth Or Never Again Chapter 15 Always A Second Choice · 5:50pm March 26th

After everyone did the blindfold obstacle course, they left the open area to head to their next destination. During that whole time, Panda felt frozen in his own body and mind. He tried to speak with Amanda face to face, but he was too unprepared to meet her like this. He was lucky that Amanda took her time to be in his footsteps by being blindfolded and she did a good job on guiding him, but it wasn’t enough.

While Panda is carrying Clifford on his shoulders, he’s walking in front of his brothers. “Grizz...I can’t believe you found Amanda.” He responded.

“That’s like the third time you’ve said that.” Grizz replied. “You don’t have to say thank you again.”

“Yeah it’s starting to become annoying.” Chloe added. “You already came back and now you're feeling like a scratched record that keeps repeating itself.”

“Please don’t joke about what I’ve been through, I can’t react to everything all in one day.” Panda rolled his eyes. “I may feel better because of Lucy, but Amanda...I was expecting her to come back to San Francisco on a different day, not today.”

Grizz and Ice Bear thought they managed to make their brother happier after what he went through, but even they didn’t think they could’ve gotten this far. “Ohh...maybe if this happened tomorrow or next week, everything wouldn't be so sudden and unexpected.”

While the group in the front continued to travel on, Panda stopped himself. His brothers took notice while Clifford thought his ride was cut short. “Panda.” He looked down on his friend. “If you think Amanda is only here because of you, you might as well go out with her by leaving the trip.”

“I’m not gonna leave just because she’s here Clifford.” Panda responded. “I’ve only met her once before and right now, she’s helping with one of the Poppy Rangers.”

“So you're gonna wait until you're ready?” Chloe asked. “What if she heads back to the subway station? You know she doesn’t live here.”

Upon taking Chloe’s consideration in question, Panda would think of something to do for Amanda. Unfortunately for the final set of activities available for the afternoon, he’s unsure if they would impress Amanda. The last activity was lucky, but he’s doubtful about a positive outcome, during the later activities, he could potentially embarrass himself.

“Maybe if I knew about this earlier, I would have made a schedule for Amanda.” He responded while he got back to his walk.

“Yeah, you're probably right.” Grizz lowered his head. With the back of the group taking their time catching up, Lucy and Kale are sightseeing in the forest together. Behind them, Amanda just finished picking Wallace up to get a better look of the singing birds on one of the branches. When Grizz messaged her about the camping trip days ago, he only talked about Ranger Tabes and every kid’s name of the Poppy Rangers but not Lucy, Kale and Chloe.

“Umm...excuse me?” She called, which caused the two to turn around.

“Yes?” Kale smiled.

“Sorry Grizz didn’t tell me who you two are. What are your names?”

“I’m Lucy and this is my boyfriend Kale.” Lucy introduces herself. “So...you must be the late camper, right?”

“Yeah, a lot of delays happened along the way, it isn’t easy for everything to go as planned.”

Lucy and Kale would give Amanda some occupation with one of the later activities, but they remembered they should also do something with Panda after everything they went through today.

“Well we’re going to swim at Lake Anzo later so...maybe we can swim together?” Lucy offered.

“Yeah, I was hoping swimming was one of the last activities which is why I have my swimsuit in my bag?” Amanda said, showing off her backpack.

Lucy and Kale also noticed that Panda and the others are catching up to the group. “By the way, what do you think you're gonna do with the bears?”

“You mean Grizz, Ice Bear, and Panda?” She asked. “Well...Grizz and Ice Bear didn’t mind if they didn't want to be my partner, so I guess Panda might be interested.”

“Have you already been his partner back there?” Kale pointed back.

“Yeah but he gave me back my phone before I left. You have no idea how long it took me to realize I’d lost my phone.” When she took out her phone, Lucy noticed the panda icon while witnessing the white stripe at the bottom of her backpack.

“Do you like pandas?” Lucy asked to which Amanda nodded.

“It’s my favorite animal. I was lucky enough to find at least one from a zoo, but meeting a real one in society, it felt like he was the rarest of them all.”

Lucy and Kale always thought that Amanda would probably be here for the camp more than anything. “Okay this maybe a little personal but, why are you here?” Kale raised his eyebrow.

Amanda then turned around while pointing at Grizz. “It was his brother. I wouldn’t be able to come back here if I haven’t come across him online.”

Today couldn’t get any more bizarre for the couple. First they learn about the secret and now they just met a girl who’s completely into pandas. But on the other hand, everything that Lucy mentioned to Panda back at the lake is true.

“You don’t say?” She smirked. “If there’s more of a reason you decided to come along, you sure your parents might approve...of the idea of…”

“Don’t worry, I know it’s strange and completely off of a relationship, but I can keep it at a level where it doesn't cross the line.” Amanda replied, being completely honest.

“But aren’t you supposed to be heading back to where you live once this is all over?” Kale asked. “It feels odd that you only came here for the camp and him.”

“Actually, that’s for a surprise I’m gonna save until tonight.”

Lucy and Kale wonder if they can help Panda out, but on the other hand, it’s gonna take more effort. Not to mention how Panda would handle the next big activity for Amanda.

After finishing yet another hike, Ranger Tabes allowed the whole group to take a break before they headed to Lake Anzo to swim for a while. With some of the Poppy Rangers changing into their swimsuits from the other side with tons of trees giving them privacy, the bears, Clifford and Chloe are sitting together. Even after reuniting, Panda is still clueless of what he’s gonna do with Amanda later on.

“So the manga you read called Summer Love is the same manga Amanda reads?” Clifford asked.

“While you and her were in the same shop?” Grizz added, to which Panda nodded.

“Let me tell you she was like the second girl that told me, there’s always luck after the first girl.”

Little did they know, Lucy and Kale are hiding behind a tree and are eavesdropping on the conversation. Amanda along with Ranger Tabes are changing into their swimsuits at a different spot a slight farther away.

“Pan-Pan. It’s not that we’re against this, I mean she told me everything about her but you never know how she’d react.” Grizz commented.

“Ice Bear can’t predict everything after Lucy’s lashing out.” Ice Bear added.

“I’m aware of that.” Panda taking a deep breath. “Our next activity is swimming and...I may be a fine swimmer but, I’m not sure if she’s willing to be that impressed.”

“It’s true.” Chloe responded. “Panda’s don’t swim like fish. People like Amanda want to see Panda do what pandas do.” 

“I doubt that will be the case.”

“You’re right.” Clifford standing up. “I mean what are you gonna do by impressing her?”

Upon hearing her brother, Lucy and her boyfriend decided to join in, knowing they have a solution to help out Panda. “Bears.” She responded. “And kids.”

With everyone putting their attention on the two humans, Panda didn’t know what to expect from them. “Yes?” He responded nicely.

“We just talked to Amanda a few minutes ago.” Kale added. “And she told us what she feels about you.”

This would’ve caused the black and white bear to blush, but hearing those from the ones he had a hard time truly getting along with, nothing will ever stay the same for long. “Okay, I get we’re moving on from this, but this is too early for me.”

“But you know what I said back there.” Lucy confessed. “Granted I wasn’t expecting this to happen this soon, but she’s way more into you than you think.”

Panda may agree with everything she mentioned earlier, but he can only think how unreal it is to be in a relationship with Amanda. “Wouldn’t a relationship require time which would then lead to happiness?”

“Well…” Grizz chiming in. “Amanda has been waiting for this day, ever since she left here. Don’t you think she might be thrilled?”

“If she’s really all that, she would’ve arrived here a bit sooner.”

“Her trains got delayed, there was nothing she could do about that.”

To think seeing her was a huge surprise turned into nothing more than pure luck, his brothers did the best and worst to make the girl of his dreams come back. He can’t even decide what to do with Amanda now that she’s here, making today the only chance he’s got.

Panda standed up and walked up to Lucy and Kale. “How am I gonna impress her with swimming?”

“Actually, why don’t you have Kale to help you?” Lucy offered. “Ranger Tabes told me there are several toys at Lake Anzo. You should have him teach you how to play those games with Amanda.”

“You mean like shooting water guns?”

“Pretty much.” Kale added.

“I’m sure Amanda would be happy to play beach games of any kind.” Chloe commented.

Panda would get the chance to finally do an activity with Kale, but he never forgets how different he is compared to him. When he lowered his head while sitting back to his spot, that eventually pushed Kale away.

“Panda, you really need to stop putting yourself down.” He got on his knees next to the bear. “It’s one thing to freak out over telling the truth, but it’s another when a girl comes to you.”

“I never thought about spending that kind of relationship out in public.” Panda said.

“But we all went through a lot of crazy situations before. I would name all of them, but then we would be out here forever.” Grizz stated.

Panda remembered the time he along with his brothers had to wear clothes after being kicked out. “Okay, when I was on my own during San Francisco while wearing a black cardigan with a light blue undershirt, I met Samantha.”

“Samantha?” Kale replied.

“She was so into me because of my outfit, so much so she was willing to marry me.”

This caused Lucy and Kale to look at each other. “How old was she?” Lucy placed her hand on her hip.

“Maybe...seventeen...she was on an incredibly high adrenaline rush!”

“Okay, even I can tell she was a bit cuckoo in the head.” Clifford commented.

“And the less said about it, the better.” Chloe added.

Kale would not hear the end of the story, but for how Samantha was, Amanda would act a lot more appreciative and controlled. “I can tell for a fact she was too ahead since you just met her that day. But Amanda, she’s been thinking about you ever since she left.”

“So did I...and then in the months afterwards...I almost forgot about her.” Panda spoke with his eyes wide open.

“You see? You probably think about Lucy more than Amanda. And you're the one who thinks you won’t have a chance with her?”

Panda soon realized he might have a chance to get what he really wanted in his life. Even with a lot to work to make the relationship work, Amanda might be the one who’s willing to listen and understand him. Then, his former crush also got on her knees.

“You know there’s a lot of ways to get a girlfriend. If you're willing to do what it takes to impress me, you can do the same with Amanda.”

After hearing Lucy’s advice, Panda decides to take matters into his own hands. No matter how the odds are against him, he’s not gonna back down from opportunities like this anymore. “Okay, I can do it.” He said in a conferened way.

With Kale admiring Panda’s choice, he’ll make sure he will succeed. “Then here’s what we’re gonna do.”

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Girl in the first pic is super cute

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