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I dare someone to put Scott Sterling in Equestria Girls! · 12:53am February 14th

For those who don't know him:

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Sunset: "Rainbow, what's going on here?!?"
Rainbow Dash: "Check it out; no matter where I aim, the ball somehow manages to hit this guy in the face! I even kicked it towards the other goal and it changed direction in midair! IT'S AWESOME!"

I had an idea about Scot sterling a few years ago.

Rainbow Dash received the news she wasn`t going to be the ace of the team anymore, because a famous student gooler was going to be at Equestria Hight, Scootaloo's cousin. Feeling the threat of not being the number one anymore by some unkown student, she challenged him to a goal dispute, where she would try to make 10 kicks, and if he was the greatest, he wouldn't let her make a goal once...

Little did she know, it went backfired in a comic way. XD

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