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The Grimm Reaper is the writer of the 'Darkness Duology', 'Immortal', 'They Come at Night... Mostly!' and 'Only Bone Deep'. Among others.

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Sometimes, I just love the internet... · 5:30am Sep 8th, 2019

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grim! your back!

What are you, new or something?
The Internet is FUCKING AWESOME!!!

It has ponies, shopping, porn and alcohol delivery services!
I reserve the right to withhold how many times I have utilised that last one.

Where's the next chapter of my favourite fic?
In the hole.

Yeah, but it also has Feminists, SJWs and #KickVic bloggers. And those fuckers are posting amber alerts just because someone dared to smile at them. So, I'll abstain from saying the internet is awesome until such a time as those phases go away.

Which one's your favorite?

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