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02/05/2021 · 5:40pm Feb 5th, 2021

Hey, everyone. It appears that I’m not dead yet. But I might as well have nearly been a couple weeks ago. But… I think it’s better to explain what’s going on and where I’m currently at, which, don’t worry, I’m in a much more positive place than I believe I’ve ever been in my life. So, better put in the pieces and let you know what’s been going on.

Baking Job

Thankfully, I ended up finally getting a job after a year of being jobless. Got hooked up with a local cafe where I live so I’m super happy about that. And it’s a lot of fun, given the fact that the owner of said cafe is actually allowing me to have quite a bit of autonomy; which certainly feels nice that she’s confident in my own capacity to bake — speaking of I have yet to mention I do bake some pretty good confectionary goods.

Been thinking about possibly getting an Instagram for it, but I’ve always been more aware of how uncertain having social media can be, and how much pressure one can put unto themselves by being in such an… unstable environment. But the maybe is still there. So it’s not out of the realm of possibility.


So… I didn’t want to talk about it earlier because I wasn’t looking for it. But… I ended up getting the Coronavirus about two weeks ago. Ended up getting out of quarantine last Tuesday but I’m still dealing with the residual effects; coughing being the only thing that’s stuck with me for the past two weeks. And it’s been annoying, that’s for certain. I didn’t want to talk about it with you all because I myself was… uncertain.

At first I hadn’t believed it was COVID. That was until I got a positive test when I went to the doctors. And so, why I never wanted to mention it to you all was because I didn’t want to start a panic. That… and I myself at one point wasn’t certain I’d be okay because I did have a couple of scares. Mostly through coughing so much that I couldn’t breathe properly at times. Luckily… by the grace of whoever the hell is watching over us, I managed to avoid going to the hospital.

I didn’t get the fever that most people get, nor did I lose my sense of taste or smell. So I ended up with the minor symptoms: mostly being the slight headaches, coughing, and body aches. Still, like I said I didn’t want to post about it earlier because I didn’t want to worry anyone, I wasn't looking to be pitied on cause that’s not how I roll. That and everyone has their own issues to worry about so I didn’t need to add something to anyone’s conscious.

Still. I at least thought I’d let you know about these turbulent couple of weeks. And that I’ve been on the upward trend in beating back this damn virus. So no worries. I ain’t dying on anyone yet.


Funnily enough. After my experience with COVID-19, and what at times did feel like I was on the verge of death, even if it was just incessant moments of unending coughs, I did start thinking back to this site and well… I felt an urge to start writing fanfiction again. And of course, my attention has been focused back on The True Nightmare. I just recently finished a chapter for the first revision of the story.

And I’m currently working on details for Replication, because that story is… oh my god the expansive nature of it keeps surprising me for what I realized I didn’t add. So I’ve been focusing on adding because, as I believe I’ve mentioned, I did not realize just how much I wasn’t adding to the story itself. So that’s going to take a while to configure. But I know I can’t just keep focusing on details forever, so I’ll try to get to writing chapters for Replication.

But if I am returning to writing fan-fiction. I’m going to focus on the revisions for the first story, hopefully get that done by the end of this month or maybe early March. May take a bit more time but that’s the plan at least. And once I’m done with this revision (finally), then I’ll give all my attention to Replication. And, for once, keep a promise I felt like I failed to uphold. As for focusing on other stories? That will have to be on hold for a little while.

Just know that I am coming back. And! That I might add some of these stories to other sites as well. Maybe sites like FanFiction and Archives of Our Own. But once I finish the first story, then I’ll consider those ideas.


I’ve had a couple weeks that have given me quite a roller coaster ride. Nothing bad besides COVID-19, mind you, but it’s made me realize a few things. The big thing being that, yes, I know I was nowhere close to dying, but the fact that I had moments of trouble breathing certainly made me feel like I got close to some sort of existential crisis. So… a lot of this has helped me come back here.

And made me realize that I had certainly overextended myself by trying to focus on so many stories at once. Just know that I’m coming back. And hopefully, this time, I won’t overwhelm myself like I’m usually liable to do. In a way… it sort of feels nice to be back to a degree. Just need to keep on keeping on, deal with this cough thanks to the virus. And yeah… I think it’ll be nice to write stories like this once more.

So I hope this helps, however it may, and I do hope that everyone is doing okay. We’ll get through this whole unfortunate mess eventually. I hope you all have a good rest of your day and I’ll talk to you all again here soon.

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Happy to see you come back. Take care, okay? :scootangel:

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