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My Year in Writing: 2020 · 3:37am Jan 1st, 2021

As of yesterday, I went into the ER and had been tested positive for COVD-19 prior, as well as having bacterial pneumonia. I'm on a couple medications now, but naturally it will be some time before I put out new works. For now though, I planned on writing a somewhat through list of everything I published this year. Most of what I wrote this year, given that I'd gravitated towards Fimfiction, was MLP fanfiction. But there is some non-pony works that I've written on other websites as well.

First, there was PB&J Challenge and Lovers of a Feather, both entries to my very first contest on this website: The Discovery Contest. I already had a love for the Young Six, so I was more than happy to write entries for this contest. Normally I don't lean towards fics that are Comedy/Random, but the concept of the PB&J Challenge in real life cracks me up, so I couldn't help but make it into my own little fic. Lovers of a Feather was a little different, given that I'd coded Twilight as either asexual or lesbian in all of my other fics. Like many of my other fics though, Twilight is implied to have a previous relationship with Celestia. A sequel is very possible, but not anytime soon.

Then there was my biggest contest entry challenge for the Appledash Go Big or Go Home Contest: Go Big AND Go Home. Appledash is one of my personal NOTPs, given that the two personalities don't seem remotely compatible to me, and they were way too competitive to have a healthy romantic relationship. But a contest prize is a contest prize, and I persevered and wrote the story in its entirety, even sprinkling in some past Rarijack. Speaking of which, a sequel in which Rarity gets Applejack back will eventually be written. There's a lot of stories involving a manipulative/evil depiction of Rarity, and this story would definitely be a deep dive into said depiction.

An Adventurous Affair, for the Season 10 Bingo Writing Contest, was really fun to write, I loved the idea of being given random characters and locations to throw together into one story. Plus I absolutely love Kerfuffle, and would like to write more stories about her at some point. Definitely would like to do something bingo-like in the future.

DLS' Dirty Little Contest was easily my favorite contest that I've ever participated in, I wrote a generous 9 entries for the contest and received an honorary mention for such. The contest gave me the motivation to write stories that had originally been ideas on the backburner, including Kirin Compromise, Apples and Oranges, Butterflies & Red Skies, Going Home, Clientele, Free Food, and Shape of My Heart. All of these stories have sequel ideas that will be written in due time.

Going Home and Shape of my Heart were both installments of the Flutterf*ck series, in which Fluttershy sleeps with different creatures in a journey of sexual discovery. However, Going Home was more focused on Applejack and her past history with the first mare she'd ever been with: Coloratura. DLS gave me some great feedback, saying that Applejack should've gone to Manehattan to rescue Coloratura, and I will be writing an AU where Applejack does this, as well as an official sequel detailing the aftermath of Going Home.

Party for the Party Mare was a story I proudly threw together and posted first for the lightning round of DLS' Dirty Little Contest, and will eventually write sequels for. Broken Butterflies I also wrote for the contest, but was a miss as opposed to a hit. If I do write a sequel, it'll be after I've finished several other works first.

Masked was my first attempt at an MLP horror fic for the Halloween in April Contest, and while I'm relatively pleased with the final product, that story wasn't well received in the upvote/downvote bar. Regardless, I have several sequel ideas in mind. Some with Thorax and Spike, and another with Applejack.

Mono was the latest installment in the main storyline of Twilight's polyamorous journey, and I remember fondly of finishing the story at a hotel table in California. The sequel, involving Twilight and Luna, will eventually be written. And the rest of the main storyline has been loosely outlined as well.

Then for the May Pairing Contest 2020, I wrote Sugar's Yak Seduction, and then its sequel Yona's Relationship Repercussions shortly after. Both stories were criticized for Sugar's behavior, which is understandable. As much as it was fun to write such a unique couple and plot, I've noticed more and more how vindictive Sugar's behavior came off as. The original ending I had for Yona's Relationship Repercussions has since been scrapped, and I am steadily outlining a different ending.

I'm Still in Love with You was a very personal story, and was actually submitted into the Right Back at It Again Contest and Pride and Positivity event as an afterthought. I'm proud to point out that said story was very well-received, even going as far as to become a finalist in the contest. I know that both sequels I have planned are highly anticipated, and one of them will definitely be published in 2021.

Solar Seduction and Lesbian Lovers are the sequels to Moon Madness, a journey in which a mare named Holly who desires to be loved by Princess Luna looks for comfort in all the wrong places. This series doesn't have a set number of installments, and would just be a long slow-burn series for Holly finding happiness with a yet-to-be-revealed mare.

Fate and Soaring High were finished and published within days apart, and the two fluffy romances were written when I started seeing someone. Fate was written as a dedication to my second favorite episode, and Soaring High was an unexpected, yet welcome sequel written four years after one of my older stories. Both would have sequels, but probably not anytime soon.

Tiger Tornado, a character that normally obsesses over Queen Chrysalis, ends up with Yuri in Poetry, an AU to Poems for Chrysalis that is also a crossover with Doki Doki Literature Club. There would be four installments altogether, including the story already written. Each one would have pillsburries' talented DDLC art featured as the cover.

Snowfall was another poly fic that I wrote on a whim, and F.R.I.E.N.D.S.H.I.P. was a story I wrote in 2017, and will take a while before I write more chapters for the story. Pairing the MLP characters with some of the Friends characters will definitely be interesting, although I'll keep quiet on what particular pairs I have planned for now.

I also wrote two chapters for Shooting Star, a story that is also very personal to me in addressing healing from trauma and abuse. At the moment, I plan on having the story total to 30 chapters.

For the non-MLP fics, I wrote Polyamorous Permission and the second chapter to Rainbow Euphoria. Both stories are Game Grumps fanfiction involving Arin, Dan, and Suzy being involved with the reader. Polyamorous Permission being a trollfic that is the third installment in the Falling for Arin series, and Rainbow Euphoria being the third installment in the Hopeful Dreamers series. Both these stories can be found on my Archive of Our Own account of the same username.

And finally, my biggest project: a Warrior Cat drama/horror fanfic called The Village. This story was started in 2018, and went on hiatus until June of this year, and I published a total of six chapters (+13K words), as well as three more chapters that I will be putting out in 2021. I'm hoping to finish this story by the end of March at approximately 75,000 words, which would end up being my longest story by far. This story can be found on Wattpad and Fanfiction.net under the same username, and I would strongly recommend to any WC fans on here that can handle very dark themes such as violence based on homophobia.

I'm very proud of what I've written this year, and hope to write plenty of more creative works in 2021. The medication that I've been taking seems to be working really well at the moment, so I am optimistic. Feel free to vote on my survey in the previous blogs, as well as donating to my Ko-Fi here! https://ko-fi.com/E1E632015

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Sorry to hear about your troubles, haven't read too many of your fics but enjoyed what I have!

Thank you! I really like your stories and it motivates me that popular authors on here like my work!

Thank you too! Between power loss for a week and real life troubles I've been struggling to write again, but hopefully soon!

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