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I write pony words that people seem to like. I also review fics and draw purty pictures, apperently. I'm an older fan of MLP, so expect a lot of 80's references.

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  • 121 weeks
    Welp, it's been a YEAR, down to the DAY, since my last blog post.

    This means nothing, I was just noticing the dates.

    But while I got you here, I'm gonna throw up some SFW art I've done recently.

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    It's 2am on Thursday, and I have an idea for NEW Pinkie Pie Loves Bacon Bits content. (plus ARTPOSTING#3)

    I woke up with a fully formed idea for a new chapter in my silly anthology of scenes where Sunset Shimmer is haunted by pony!Pinkie lodged DEEPLY in my mind and I think I'm going to write it. I'm in a writerly mood. Apparently.

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    Are you still in a Spooky mood?

    This flew under my radar yesterday, so I just woke up to find it and it is just as sweet as all that discounted candy! Give it a listen and pop over to Lostus's page and drop a like or a comment or something. This is top tier work!

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    Wordposting (Really a 6K word long 'scene' and a half from the OF I'm working on)

    I posted a little section of this last blog, but I think I'm happy where this is at right now. Obviously this takes place in the midst of a larger narrative, so there might be some/a lot of context that's lost here, but the gist is a couple of priests and a warlock form up an adventuring party and before they even have their first outing, some shit goes down at the tavern.

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  • 192 weeks
    10 years of this.

    Happy birthday to the version of Pony that made my life more than a little brighter.

    These hoofed ruminates (and their humanoid counterparts) will always have a special place in my heart.

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10 years of this. · 6:26pm Oct 10th, 2020

Happy birthday to the version of Pony that made my life more than a little brighter.

These hoofed ruminates (and their humanoid counterparts) will always have a special place in my heart.

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I remember the two incidents that sold me on MLP.

The first was in 2014 when one of my two daughters was home from daycare. She wanted to watch MLP on one of my workstation monitors, and I just kept writing code on the other. From out of nowhere ... I am hearing Pinkie Pie unfolding and they threw in the transformers sound effect. Now, not only did I have to rewatch that one scene about twenty times, but I knew straight away that there was no way that they added that sound bite in there for my five-year-old. That's for me!

Fast forward a year or so, and we've moved from Australia to the US. I walk into the lounge with the kids watching MLP ... and it's "that" episode where you have Mulitiplicity-inspired Pinkies all over the screen ... and I had to go and lie down! Bang! Sold!

I've had a Pinkie on my work desk ever since!!!!

I've had several Pinkies populating my desks over the years. Along with a bunch of other horses and not-horses.

Both of those episodes still put a big grin on my face. Pinkie, when done well, is one of the show's most powerful & effective characters. There's reason why she shows up in a lot of my writing.

Thanks to those two incidents, I now have an entire shelf of my curio cabinet stuffed-to-the-gunwales with Pinkie Pies.

Directly above that? My trophies for EMT work, military rifle and pistol competitions, and various adult ... things.

All in the one cabinet!

I hear you - if Pinkie is performed correctly, you have a cartoon character who breaks the fourth wall and manages to contrive to violate CARTOON physics. Meeeeeeeeeeeeesa like-a diiiiiiiiiiis!

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