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Story Idea - Three Thirds · 11:52pm Aug 22nd, 2020

Instead of cooperating with the writing of the next chapter of TPoF as she should, my muse has instead decided to badger me with a new idea basically all day. And as such I decided to put the idea here to both see what people think and try and placate the diva so she starts behaving again.

Story Title: Three Thirds

Alicorns are ponies that ascended and embraced the magic of all three tribes in perfect harmony. And yet, after talking with her friends, Twilight realized that, despite being an Alicorn and possessing the magic of all three pony tribes, she had yet to even start to understand how pegasus and earth pony magic works. All she has ever done with her Pegasus magic was occasionally fly around at low speed from one place to another, and the less said about how little she has used her earth pony magic ever since her ascension the better.

Deciding such a state of affairs could not be allowed to continue, Twilight resolved that it was time to try and truly understand the magic of the two other tribes. And in order to aid her in such a quest she devised a spell that would allow her to better interact with the new pegasus and earth pony aspects of her own magic without the interference of her born unicorn aspect. It was a brilliant idea, a way for her to truly study and analyze how non-unicorn magic worked and better connect with and understand how the other two tribes saw the world.

The only problem was that the spell may have been a little TOO effective…

Now split into an earth pony, a pegasus and a unicorn Twilight and her two new-sort-of-sisters have to find a way to fuse back into an alicorn again. Preferably before Princess Celestia learns about the whole mess.

So, the basic idea is that a recently ascended Twilight realizes that she knows next to nothing about pegasus and earth pony magic. Tries to cobble together a spell to help separate the three types of magic in order to better study them, and ends up as three separate individuals, one of each tribe. Panic, chaos and shenanigans would them ensue as they try and find a way to get back to normal, and perhaps even learn about how the other two tribes work.

Definitely comedy tag, with the possibility of romance as a secondary one.

So… thoughts?

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Comments ( 18 )

Hmmmmmm... cool!

I like the idea and I am a sucker for any character division story.

The romance part could be a cluster pluck considering that each part of Twilight should rapidly differentiate do to circumstances, interpersonal relationships, and time as unique individuals.
Worse case each aspect of Twi falls in love with different individuals and refuse to reunite into a singular whole.
It depends entirely on how you want to write it and how seriously it's framed.

That is the basic idea actually.
I was thinking that while unicorn Twilight searches for how to fix the issue the pegasus Twilight would go and try and learn pegasus magic from Rainbow Dash, while earth pony Twilight would do the same with Applejack. And from there would be a slow build of afection leading to tentative romance, leading to more panic and shenanigans when the Twilights realize what is happening. It would be the main source of 'conflict' in the story so to speak.

Slight issue is that Rainbow is busy to incredibly busy in the later seasons with the weather teams with the headache of the wonderbolts.
Either the Academy or being apart of the team and as such really wouldn't be able to be an effective teacher due to constant travel, training, and work.
AJ honestly is easier the farm doesn't move with the added benefit of the training not being high impact if mischance occurs during it.
But anyone whose done it can tell you Farming is constant work which would also cut into the amount of time and effectiveness of training in Earth pony skills.

This would happen shortly after Twilight's ascension timeline-wise.
Way before Tirek and the Castle-tree-thingy. Nowhere near the ending seasons.

Edit: I was thinking that they could try and learn the tribes magic by helping them in their works to be hinest. The farm and weather management respectively.

That frees up a considerable amount of time on Rainbow's partplus with her siblings AJ can reschedule around the constant work.
Now it come to Twilight's possible issues Pegasus and Earth pony magics from what I've gleaned are far more Kinesthetic rather than by the Book.
Which for Our favorite book pony would likely lead to much Frustration.

Precisely. She wouldn't be able to do her favored 'book learning'. She would have to 'experience' it to even try and understand. And that would force her to spend a significant amount of time with Rainbow and AJ as they coached her in what to do.

sounds like a neat idea! If you wanted to me Sneaky you could have Link Gannon and Zelda appear somewhere and have Twi run into em only for em to offer advice here and there. :twilightsmile:

Heh, while funny I wasn't considering turning it into a crossover.

Yo I'll read it.


Pegasus magic in particular can be summed up as "learn by doing", all practicals. Even the theory is practicals. I imagine books on pegasus magic coach what should be going on as the student makes the attempt in terms of physical/magical sensation, and thus are effectively useless for ground-bound study. You'll never understand what the book is talking about until you actually set hoof to cloud, and even then the forward notes that any book is a very poor substitute for a teacher who can put it into relatable concepts.

And "proper" earth pony magic is entirely oral tradition passed down through the main family lines. Not because of any great conspiracy, but because anyone who needs it either knows it already or can find a teacher, and nopony else has ever tried to study it. (most unicorns assume that earth ponies don't really even have magic per-say, beyond ponydom's "sticky hooves" and summat about making plants grow faster.)

Just my two-cents thought on the matter.

Yeah, the idea is to push the Twiligths out of their comfort zone. Forcing them to have to try new things.

And possibly rediscovering things lost, it's funny Pony civilization was destroyed once possibly twice if we count discords reign.
The invasion of the Windigos would have killed a huge portion of the population and what was left wouldn't have been able to take anything beyond the basics of basics as they ran.

So much knowledge lost anything left would have been Oral and Rote as they began to rebuild then comes along Discord to make things worse.
You could even throw in References to the lost wonders of Dream Valley like the Sunstone Created by earth ponies Storm calling a pegasai art also lost.
the Crystal heart also created by Earth ponies the knowledge of how to make more was destroyed by sombra along with the ponies who knew how.

Didn't know where else to put it, so I'll give you the group's greeting here:

Glad to have you aboard on Positive Ponies, awesome possum!
Admiral Snuggles appreciates your support :rainbowkiss:

Happy to be a part of it. :pinkiesmile:

It is in my 'to-do' list. :derpytongue2:

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