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My Webkinz account got purged. ;-; · 12:51am August 6th

Haven't bought a new plushie in years, but I still dropped in and played every few months. I guess "activity" to Ganz means buying a new plush and registering it.

So anyway, my Webkinz account that I've had since like 2nd grade no longer exists. Yay 2020. :V

Have a pic of the first ever Webkinz plushie I owned (and still own). This old boy and the account info printout's been around longer than my real dog. I've sold off most of the rest of my plushies in garage sales, but the OG's still around. He never had the chance to be pet off the month.

RIP my Webkinz account. 🙏

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So sad :raritydespair: Speaking of accounts being deleted you know what also sad? My discord account fcking being disabled for some bull reason :(

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