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fuck... my mom tested positive for Covid, and there's a good chance i may have it too · 7:53pm August 5th

my mom interacts with a lot of people. she volunteers at a food bank and goes on tons of walks, so the chances of her catching it are up there... but that also means i may have it too since i live in the same house as her. and now, we can't leave the fucking place for 2 weeks... which sucks becuase i don't have enough supplies to last a few days, let along a couple of weeks.

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Shit. I hope everything turns out okay.

Be sure to test yourself before panicking, and abuse of the delivery services as much as you khaaaaan

*soft hugs* Do the best you can ask a friend to drop stuff off right outside and grab it once they have left.

same with my cousins boyfriend, he tested positive, and they all live right next door and our shower is scuffed, so i shower there and my grandmother that i live with, she goes and does all kinda dumb stuff like taking lunches to old people who don't leave their house and stuff. Anyway my grandmother is getting tested Friday and if she tests positive i know I'll have it, which just sucks. I tell all the people, be smart, don't go places, be a loner like myself, but noooo they have to go kissing other people and stuff smh

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