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Sombra wasn't always evil. he was once a normal colt with friends, family... he had everything.
Then he discovered his talent.
and just like that, his world was turned upside-down. he's been run out of town, his friends and family now fear him, and he's being hunted by Princess Celestia.
it's though these events that Sombra would become the evil and horrid Stallion we know him today. and how his rise will change a lot of lives...

and the Universe...

Chapters (7)

*Takes place before and during Starlight, Starbright*

Applebloom moved to Trottingham to become a good veterinarian. and with Helios and her cousin Zim Zam, it seemed like it was going to work... until she found out her bully Diamond Tiara moved there. she couldn't bare to go though all that bullying again.

but... turns out Tiara had a bad life here and it got worse. and Applebloom is now her pillar of support. they never expected they would find happiness with each other.

guess opposites really can attract.

Chapters (22)

being the First Alicorn born outside of royalty is hard. being born with a Cutie Mark is harder still. having dominion over Time makes it difficult. but Starlight is trying hard to make the best of it. trying to, being the key word. then one day, 17 years later, she discovers something that shocks her to her core; that her father may not be her real father, and her mother is keeping who it is tight-lipped. so, she's gonna take it into her own hands.

she's going to go find her real father. if her friends want to join along, she's not going to stop them. she's still going to find him or die trying.

if only she knew what kind of a horrid stallion her father really was...

Chapters (45)

set between (He's Baaaack) and (Game Night II) of 'Friends From Unexpected Places'

the Second Battle of Canterlot is over. the Changelings have been defeated and brought to the side of good. but, the chaos of the battle have released a certain Spirit of Disharmony.

Discord has been released and he's out for revenge. and he ain't holding back.

Chapters (24)

set between (Everything Changes) and (Glade) of 'Friends From Unexpected Places'

Mirror's Edge has been in Ponyville for a few months, being cared for by Fluttershy after being critically injured. he's become a part of the town and a part of Fluttershy's life, even feeling something he never felt before. after F.S. and her friends are invited to attend the wedding of Trixie and Luna, he feels that he's now a part of the whole world and not just a random member of the swarm.

while there, however... he, Twilight, and Requiem discover a plot that Chrysalis and the Changelings are returning. now, Edge must choose between helping his own kind or helping the ponies he loves as the second Battle for Canterlot begins.

(yes, i am aware that there is a Fanfic out there with a Changeling named Mirror's Edge. it is purely coincidental. i choose the name because it fits with the Changeling's nature. plus, i like the game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TERyxFfMqDk )

Chapters (26)

set between (Prelude to Trouble) and (Eris) of 'Friends From Unexpected Places'

(does anyone know of a better cover photo?)

3 months had passed since the humans were stranded on Equestria and taken in by the ponies. so, in in a act of kindness, they decide to pay them back... by pairing them out with who they believe to be their significant other for Heart's and Hooves day.

it just goes to show that you should never try to play Matchmaker with anybody, no matter what species. and with Luna and Celestia in town for the lover's holiday...

this is going to be the most eventful 2 weeks of the humans stay.

Chapters (17)

set between (Luncheon with the Princess) and (Something Nobody Saw Coming) of 'Friends from Unexpected Places'

Trixie returns to Ponyville to make amends with Twilight, as well as her own brothers. while there, Trixie finds a new spell in Twi's library and tries it out, not knowing the consequences. as a result... everyone has turned into humans.

despite Lyra's fantasy being fulfilled, everyone is having trouble adapting to it, even with Requiem and her friends helping. hoping to find a way to reverse it, Twilight must venture into the one place said to have a reversal spell: deep in the Gryphon Kingdom, and who should help but a old 'friend' of Rainbow's.

the spell, unbeknownst to our heroes, has a side-effect and brings a old foe back from the dark abyss.

this isn't gonna end well, is it?

Chapters (21)

it was supposed to be simple; go to the new world, get supplies without the inhabitants knowing they were there, and get out. that's the way it was supposed to go, but plans never ever work according to plan. a unknown Monster, with strange ties to one of the Ponies; not one of the Mane 6, has stranded heroes from another world on Equestria and now, they must work together with the ponies to stop the beastie before it leaves the planet and spreads it's horror across the stars. but... there's more then one threat lurking in the shadows. add some romance, crazy adventures with friends old and new, and the ponies turning human themselves and this ain't no ordinary day.

i should probably explain the category's. there's also 3 more but 6 is apparently the limit so i'll detail why down here.
Romance: 5 out of 7 of my characters are in relationships and the Mane 6 plus Spike and Derpy will get some lovin' as well. don't worry, there's no sex scenes and no HumanxPony relationships. it's Pony on Pony and Human on Human.
Dark: the premise. a dark creature seeking to destroy the world. not exactly kid-friendly.
Comedy: hello, does Pinkie Pie ring any bells? plus, i can be pretty funny myself.
Crossover: crossover with my own series, the Requiem Trinity.
Adventure: travel to other locals like Canterlot, Everfree, and some new locals such as a beach.
Human: my Requiem characters are human, except for Bahamut, Fenrir, and Cobalt.

the category's that aren't on but are also in those category's.
Tragedy: Derpy and my character Jax go though some tough times, even more so for Derpy.
Sad: again, Derpy and her past and present.
Slice of Life: my character's are gonna be stuck on Equestria for quite awhile so they become part of the Season 3 episodes, for awhile. at least the first 2 or 3. will this be done by the time Season 3 is released? who knows? may put it on hiatus when i get to that part.

oh, and a few things.

Number 1: Derpy is a major character in this story and for her voice... i'd go with the Fan Voice by BaldDumboRat, from the Doctor Whooves and the Assistant show, this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMAhGnH8SO8&feature=channel&list=UL

Numero Dos: this story is also a sequel to my original work, the Requiem Trinity, which is still in development and which i'm planning on having published. you can find on my DeviantArt page under the name 'Monsterlord-18', same as on here. reason i'm doing this little crossover now is because it won't leave me alone. every time i go to sleep, 'BAM', it pops up.

and Number Tres: cast. we all know the original pony cast and i told you what voice to imagine for Derps but not for my Trinity characters. so, here they are:

Requiem Hikaru
Voice: Rebecca Shoichet

Aura Aesir http://monsterlord-18.deviantart.com/#/d58kn88
Voice: Johnny Yong Boush

Jacqueline 'Jax' Yggdrasill http://monsterlord-18.deviantart.com/art/Character-Bio-Jax-320016024
Voice: Lisa Ortiz

Sora Yggdrasill http://monsterlord-18.deviantart.com/gallery/33921941#/d4wvswv
Voice: Hayden Penntiere

Bahamut http://monsterlord-18.deviantart.com/gallery/33921941#/d4tdpr7
and http://inspireddragons.deviantart.com/#/d5a2ge3
Voice: Russell Brand

Ashlin Geroma Arapaho Silverton (Ash)
Voice: Steve Burton

and Satoshi Tanaka
Voice: Haley Joel Osment

Chapters (51)
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