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  • 443 weeks
    HGM - New Chapter Up!

    In this chapter, things are revealed. Things you may wish were not.


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  • 444 weeks
    Next Chapter Almost Done

    Got it typed out this evening.

    Tomorrow I'm going to proof read it, tidy it a bit, and toss in another gag or two.

    It's some more world building, but this marks the start of a solution to the problems - from now on, it'll be less confusion and more heroics! Except for all the villianry. There'll still be plenty of villianry.

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  • 444 weeks
    HGM Recovered Art!

    Hey hey! Look, here it is! Blueblood looks facking perfect. I would totally follow him to the evil bathhouse.

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  • 445 weeks
    HGM - New Chapter Up


    I'm getting back into the swing of things. Spent some time today on the story, got a minichapter up.

    A little less funny that others, but hey, it's up and I needed to do some exposition.

    Starting next chapter, it's back to the comedy!

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  • 445 weeks
    I Can't Into Blog

    There is no blog here. Move along.

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There is No Purer Joy · 2:30am Nov 24th, 2012

Than eating all of your thanksgiving leftovers in one day.

On a related note - Ima'gunna die.

On another note, I'm a lazy bum.


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What do you mean die!? Bastard! I'll hire a necromancer and chain your animated corpse to the keyboard. Gimme more story, dammit.

On another note, despite not actually liking pie at all, I totally share your sentiment. Thanksgiving Leftovers are the shit, man.

And ice cream. Don't forget the ice cream!

So many leftovers that my mom gave me. I'm pretty much set for food for the next week. Solidly.

Pie is fantastic :pinkiehappy:

Pie? I have eaten about ten leftover sammiches of turkey, mashed potato, and cranberry sauce. And I feel like I am going to explode in the most ironic shower of gore in history. Buuuut...a pie is fine too. :pinkiehappy:

532470 Leftover pecan pie doesn't last long. I'm happy they let me have it cause I'm so very Soarin about it.

Lol, at least it sounds like you had a good day, and that's the important part. :pinkiehappy:

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