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  • 442 weeks
    HGM - New Chapter Up!

    In this chapter, things are revealed. Things you may wish were not.


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  • 442 weeks
    Next Chapter Almost Done

    Got it typed out this evening.

    Tomorrow I'm going to proof read it, tidy it a bit, and toss in another gag or two.

    It's some more world building, but this marks the start of a solution to the problems - from now on, it'll be less confusion and more heroics! Except for all the villianry. There'll still be plenty of villianry.

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  • 443 weeks
    HGM Recovered Art!

    Hey hey! Look, here it is! Blueblood looks facking perfect. I would totally follow him to the evil bathhouse.

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  • 443 weeks
    HGM - New Chapter Up


    I'm getting back into the swing of things. Spent some time today on the story, got a minichapter up.

    A little less funny that others, but hey, it's up and I needed to do some exposition.

    Starting next chapter, it's back to the comedy!

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  • 443 weeks
    I Can't Into Blog

    There is no blog here. Move along.

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I Can't Into Blog · 1:17am Apr 15th, 2013

There is no blog here. Move along.

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Comments ( 15 )

Oh no, you can't into blog? Em Pleh! Me need word!

What is this? Why am I here? Who are you?

I'm gonna go... place.

But if you were not, than who was blog?!

Blog won't let me into either. Gotta onto instead.

1008477 Hey. Been a while, ain't'it?

I got tired of avoiding this site because of the stories I can't figure out how to finish, so I came back. How've things been?

Talking in the nothing space!

Things have been pretty good. I'm co-authoring a story that's more ambitious than anything else I've ever done and helping a few authors with proofreading. Same old, same old but nothing to complain about.

As for not updating? Heh, you and me both. :derpyderp1:

Ah, well. I don't force myself to write because then it's not fun anymore. That's how I see it, anyway.

If you come up with anything, drop me a line!



1008516 I've got ideas but...well, the idea is funner than the story.

I outlined a short novel about batponies....toyed with Histories Greatest Monster...but I just can't generate anything I care to work on.

I think I'm going to do a few more short comedy pieces, then see where it goes from there.

1008526 but he can't even into blog ._.

1008526 Soup, Thorax! How you bean?

I'm doing even better now that you're back :D

I can't internet, I haz the stoopids. :derpytongue2:

I don't...

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